Program Duration

  • The program is 8-months long 

Program Activities

Regional Summit

  • Formally kicks off the program.
  • The main objective is to integrate the whole cohort.
  • The spaces and the activities are designed for fellows to get to know each other in a personal and professional level. 

In-person Workshops

  • The program offers 4 in-person workshops in 4 different locations.
  • Each participant must attend two 4-day in-person workshops (one in their country of residence and one outside of their country). The 4-day event includes travel time and takes place from Thursday to Sunday. 
  • Workshops are mainly focused on trainings, capacity and cohort building. 

On-line Learning

  • On-line English courses are an optional component and are suitable for either fellows who want to learn English or fellows who want to improve their knowledge of the language. 
  • Lingos courses serve as a complement to the in-person capacity building trainings taken during the workshops. 
  • Webinars are offered before each in-person activity and are meant to prepare the fellows for those activities.

*All program related expenses are covered by SIF, such as workshops, webinars, trainers, travel expenses (transportation, lodging and meals).
**All program content is offered in Spanish.