We invite you to sponsor the Generation Study Abroad Symposium Series! View the sponsorship packages available here and contact Emma Bonoli at ebonoli@iie.org for questions and reservations. 

Who attends the IIE Generation Study Abroad International Symposium Series?

Sponsors will have exposure to commitment partners and industry professionals in the region, who come from higher education institutions, organizations and companies. Attendees will engage in solution-driven and action-oriented dialogue to push the envelope on how we think and "do" study abroad as we work together to achieve our ambitious goal of doubling by the end of the decade and to address the significant value and growing interest and intersection of study abroad, global talent and workforce development. 

Who should sponsor and WHY?

We welcome sponsorships from companies, organizations, institutions, and entities that understand the importance of U.S. students having an international experience. Sponsoring highlights your commitment to building a globally-minded community, workforce and doubling the number of U.S. students who study abroad. It will be a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with key players in the field of study abroad and international education, to build your brand and name recognition, to make valuable contacts and to demonstrate your services and resources.

Most sponsorship opportunities are exclusive and space is limited. For these reasons, these opportunities are available on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.