The 2017 IIE Summit Highlights

Check out videos of IIE plenary speakers and award winners, and our featured social media posts below.

 We want to highlight and congratulate some of our winners from the Summit!

Generation Study Abroad Award

Generation Study Abroad Winners receiving award 2017-ICETEX, Colombia

IIE awarded the Fulbright Commission of Colombia and ICETEX, the Colombian government's Institute for Study Abroad, with the 2017 Generation Study Abroad Award. We appreciate your commitment and strategic efforts to making study abroad opportunities in Colombia more accessible to students from the United States!

 IIE Seal of Excellence

Image: 2017 IIE Seal of Excellence Recipients

Five of the 32 Commitment Partner U.S. universities/colleges recognized for receiving the IIE Seal of Excellence for achieving their commitment goals. They participated on a panel discussion moderated by IIE's Executive Vice President Max Angerholzer and presented certificates by IIE's President & CEO Allan Goodman.

 Generation Study Abroad Voices Video Challenge 2017

Generation Study Abroad Voices Video Winners at IIE Summit 2017

IIE was pleased to debut the two winning videos from Shardae White and Zac Wierschem and hear their inspirational remarks. To watch their videos and the runner ups, go to our YouTube channel.