Research products developed under DFG Research and Innovation Grants are published as DRG Center Working Papers. New research will be posted to this page as it becomes available.

Aid and Governance

Can Indigenous Associations Foster Trust, Tolerance, and Public Goods? Exploring the Roles of Grins in Post-Conflict Mali

China and the African State: Evidence from Surveys, Surveys Experiments, and Behavioral Games in Liberia

Free and Fair Elections

A Guide to Election Forensics

Election Forensics Toolkit

Does a Women's Political Presence Matter? Examining the Effects of Descriptive Representation on Symbolic Representation of Uruguay

Value for Money in Purchasing Votes? Vote-buying and Voter Behavior in the Laboratory

Human Rights

Assessing Changes in Attitudes, Awareness, and Behavior among Indonesian Youth: A Multi-Method Communication and Social Media Approach to Help Counter Human Trafficking

Civil Resistance and Corporate Behavior: Mapping Trends and Assessing Impact

Gauging Public Opinion on Human Trafficking in Moldova and Albania: Employing Survey Experimentation to Inform Effective Prevention and Awareness Programs

Legitimacy Deficits in Colombia's Peace Talks: Elites, Trust, and Support for Transitional Justice

Reducing Vulnerability to Human Trafficking: An Experimental Intervention Using Anti-Trafficking Campaigns to Change Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices in Nepal

Learning Agenda Literature Reviews

Combatting Corruption Among Civil Servants: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on What Works

Grassroots Reform in the Global South

Increasing the Civic and Political Participation of Women: Understanding the Risk of Strong Resistance

Making Human Rights Campaigns Effective While Limiting Unintended Consequences

Maintaining Civic Spaces in Backsliding Regimes

Strengthening Women’s Civic and Political Participation: A Synthesis of the Scholarly Literature

Struggles from Below: Literature Review on Human Rights Struggles by Domestic Actors

Social Movements

Online and Offline Activism in Egypt and Bahrain

Theories of Democratic Change

Theories of Democratic Change, Phase 1: Theories of Democratic Backsliding

Theories of Democratic Change, Phase 2: Paths Away from Authoritarianism