The Power of Mentoring

The Verizon Innovative Learning Program (VILP) has achieved yet another milestone! Forty Verizon volunteers—women employees at the Chennai and Hyderabad offices in South India—went through a kick-start workshop to begin the mentoring process for VILP girls. Through interactive, back-to-back workshops at two locations, mentors were briefed about the program, and they discussed their hopes and fears for the mentoring process. In order to develop a deeper understanding about their role as mentors, participants reflected upon occasions when they themselves had been mentored. Finally the group discussed the nuts and bolts of the mentoring process under VILP.

The Verizon Innovative Learning Program seeks to increase the efficiency of girls in STEM education using education technology and mentoring support from successful role models from the industry. For the next six months, the 200 selected girls of VILP program will meet their mentors periodically at their schools and receive support to nurture and grow their personal, academic, and professional aspirations. The mentors, who have diverse professional backgrounds at Verizon, will help these girls to develop leadership competencies that will allow them to achieve a brighter future. Mentors help their mentees to identify short- and long-term academic and professional goals, and they will draw upon their knowledge and experience to support mentees in reaching those goals.

We have all been mentored by someone in our personal and professional lives in a way that has shaped our present and helped us to be what we are today. These relationships often develop organically and, upon reflection, we realize and recognize our mentors. During the workshop, participants shared about mentors in their lives with whom they made strong connections with and feel deep gratitude for. This sense of gratitude is what has inspired them to mentor the next generation.

VILP is providing mentors early in their lives who can act as a guide, leader, motivator, teacher, energizer, and a trusted advisor. We hope that the mentoring process proves to be a rewarding and mutually beneficial process for both the mentors and VILP girls. Stay tuned to learn more about these bourgeoning relationships....