Between 2007 and 2011 more than 150 Waha Oil Company employees participated in fully-funded scholarships for study at degree-granting post-secondary accredited colleges and universities in the United States at the undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree student level.

The program consisted of two types of scholarship programs:

Long-term scholarships for undergraduate or graduate academic programs that lasted for at least one year in addition to the possible inclusion of pre-academic orientation or intensive English language training. These scholarships were renewable throughout the entire course of study provided the grantee maintained satisfactory performance.

Short-term scholarships for full-time, non-degree study that lasted a minimum of one week and a maximum of twelve months.These scholarships were renewable up to a maximum of twenty-four months provided the grantee maintained satisfactory performance.

As part of IIE’s work on the Waha Oil Scholarship program, IIE:

  • Worked with grantees to obtain admission at US universities, providing information about the US university system and prospective universities to which the grantee may apply, as well as assisting grantees to prepare standard applications, and reviewing qualifications for admission;
  • Served as an exchange visitor sponsor for grantees;
  • Arranged for grantees to participate in special orientation or English Language training programs as deemed necessary or appropriate;
  • Arranged for all grantee travel both domestic and international;
  • Arranged insurance coverage for all grantees and dependents;
  • Monitored activities of grantees to ensure program objectives were met;
  • Prepared and maintained a budget for each scholarship including making payments to grantees and universities as necessary.