The Open Doors® findings were the topic of a briefing on November 14 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, with Assistant Secretary of State Evan M. Ryan, in conjunction with the worldwide observance of International Education Week. The event included a presentation of the data and a lively conversation about international education among the assembled group of more than 100 educators, U.S. and foreign government representatives, international associations, and members of the press.

Open Doors 2016 Data

Open Doors Press Release & Executive Summary

  • International Students in U.S. Top One Million for the First Time
  • They Make Up Only 5 Percent of Students in U.S. Higher Education
  • More U.S. Students Study Abroad and Pursue Experiential Learning Overseas
  • Strong growth among students in STEM fields in both directions

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Open Doors Presentation

Download the 2016 Open Doors Presentation for charts and graphics reflecting this year's data release

Open Doors 2016 Presentation

Open Doors Infographics

Open Doors Infographics

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