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The small nation of the Dominican Republic hosts over 10,000 international students mainly from Haiti (65 percent), the United States (18 percent), and Puerto Rico (5 percent). With 6 public and 42 private higher education institutions, medical science degrees are a top driver for international students. Over 1,000 Dominican students chose to study in Spain and Brazil. The top five places of origin for in-bound international students in 2014 were Haiti, the United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Source: ConnectDR (EDUCA) and The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology (MESCyT)


Inbound/International Student: Individuals who cross the border for the purpose of studying in the Dominican Republic and do not change their residency status from their original point of origin.

Foreign Student: The Dominican Republic does not differentiate between international and foreign students. Outbound Student: Dominican citizens who have accepted a MESCyT scholarship program to study abroad. Note that this is a limited definition reflecting the reported data supplemented from the MESCyT 2014 report under the international scholarship program and does not include other out-bound mobility.

Higher Education Institution (HEI): Entities that offer professional and academic training at the post-secondary level (Higher Education Law 39-01 Article 22).

Public HEI: A HEI receiving its main source of funding from the Dominican Republic government (informal definition).

Private HEI: A HEI that does not receive funding from the Dominican Republic government (informal definition).

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Data Collection and Resources

"ConnectDR" (EDUCA) is responsible for the collection and dissemination of statistics relating to the provision of higher education in all Australian universities.

In 2016, ConnectDR adopted the responsibility of facilitating a national discussion to standardize academic mobility indicators and data collection processes. Moving forward, ConnectDR will be the primary entity in Dominican Republic working with higher education stakeholders to collect and analyze academic mobility data for publication and general consumption.

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