Total international student enrollment: 27,778

Do these counts of international students reflect both public and private institutions? Yes

Top 10 sending places of origin and percentage of total international student enrollment

Rank Place of Origin Number of Students
1 United States 4,470
2 China 2,711
3 France 1,989
4 Germany 1,546
5 Great Britain 1,470
6 Brazil 1,355
7 Canada 1,214
8 Saudi Arabia 1,058
9 India 905
10 Spain 866

Data Notes:

Reflects full-time enrollments only.

Includes information from the 7 universities, 14 Institutes of Technology, Mater Dei Institute of Education, St. Angela’s College Sligo, St. Patricks College Drumcondra, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick and The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Includes all full-time enrollments on a full program of study, Erasmus incoming students, Junior Year Abroad students, Overseas campus students, other incoming exchange students.

Source: Education in Ireland