IIE Summit 2019: The Future of International Education

IIE Summit

February 2019 | New York, NY

IIE Summit Banner

IIE is pleased to announce that the next IIE Summit will be held in New York City in February 2019!

The Summit is IIE’s premier conference that will explore, examine, and address critical issues in international education. Building upon lessons learned through IIE’s Generation Study Abroad initiative over the past several years, the 2019 Summit will look at the broader impact of international education on the United States and the rest of the world. 

The 2019 IIE Summit: The Future of International Education will bring together 500+ leaders and practitioners from education, government, business and the media to consider what the next 50 years of international education will look like and stimulate the debate on critical issues including:

  • Equity & access
  • Higher education in emergencies
  • Student mobility
  • International partnerships
  • Scholars & Innovation

Join us next February as we celebrate our Centennial by bringing together key voices from across sectors and around the world for action-oriented discussion on what we all can do together in order to make international a part of every 21st Century education. Look out for more Summit updates soon!

Please direct inquiries to summit@iie.org.