Catherine Morris
Media Contact

IIE is proud of its team members around the world, many of whom are experts in international education. Key experts are available for interviews or speaking engagements. If interested, please reach out to

Allan E. Goodman

Dr. Allan E. Goodman is the sixth President of the Institute of International Education, the leading not-for-profit organization in the field of international educational exchange and development training.

Nichole Johnson

Nichole Johnson is the Head of Private Sector and Government Program Development, design of international education programs for IIE’s clients, including foundations, corporations, and governments, concerned with developing an educated workforce through scholarship and training programs and leveraging their assets for social impact.

Peggy Blumenthal

With 30 years of service at IIE, Peggy Blumenthal serves as Senior Counselor to IIE's President. She is an expert in international student exchanges and mobility, with a wealth of experience in Asia and the Pacific, as well as in U.S.-China exchanges.

Rajika Bhandari

Dr. Rajika Bhandari provides strategic oversight of IIE’s research, impact and thought leadership activities and directs IIE’s Center for Academic Mobility Research and Impact, where she also leads the Open Doors, and Project Atlas projects on global student mobility.

Christine Farrugia

Dr. Christine Farrugia is Deputy Head of Research where she oversees IIE’s research activities. She is an expert in secondary student mobility, career skills and workforce development, and data-driven institutional planning.

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