Shape your students' futures with the TOEFL ITP® tests

The TOEFL ITP® tests share a heritage with the TOEFL® test, the world’s most widely accepted and respected English language test. By administering the test on-site yourself, you control when you want to test, the group size, and how often to test. With multiple and various test forms, you can administer the test all year round.

The TOEFL ITP® test measures core English skills using 100% academic content, similar to what is used in actual classroom tasks. You can use this exam to determine placement and exiting for English language programs, progress monitoring, scholarship programs, admissions to short-term and non-degree programs, admissions to universities where English is not the dominant language, university exit tests, and more.

A mapping study identifies the minimum TOEFL ITP® Level 1 test scores corresponding to four levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. Also, the TOEFL scores are used as a tool to obtain the CENNI Certification (Certificación Nacional de Nivel de Idioma), which is an official document that allows the DGAIR (Dirección General de Acreditación, Incorporación y Revalidación) to evaluate, recognize and certify students' knowledge and abilities in international languages.

Test structure:

TOEFL ITP® (Level 1)

Section  Number of Questions Administration Time Score Scale 
 Listening Comprehension  50  35 minutes  31–68
 Structure and Written   Expression  40  25 minutes  31–68
 Reading Comprehension
 50  55 minutes  31–67
 TOTAL  140  115 minutes  310–677

PRE TOEFL® (Level 2)

Section Number of Questions Administration Time Score Scale
 Listening Comprehension  30  22 minutes  20-50
 Structure and Written   Expression  25  17 minutes  20-50
 Reading Comprehension  40  31 minutes  20-50
 TOTAL  95  70 minutes  200-500

For more information about the CENNI certification. Learn more about our TOEFL ITP® Evaluation Centers: Lista de Instituciones Registradas (2.94MB, PDF)

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