Phishing Alert

It has come to IIE’s attention that fraudulent LinkedIn and other website pages containing IIE employment postings are being used to induce individuals to contact a fraudulent email account (recruit[at]iie-usa[dot]org) or fax (206-337-6174). These web pages and advertisements may bear the name and logo of IIE and ask individuals to provide personal information, such as CVs/resumes, to the phony email or to a fax number. The fraudulent pages have copied actual IIE language from IIE’s website. IIE has learned that applicants who have responded to the fraudulent email address and/or fax number have received requests for additional personally identifying information and/or a “confirmation” that they have been offered a job.

IIE does not own, use or endorse the recruit[at]iie-usa[dot]org email address and does not accept job applications by fax. We believe that activity using this false email address and fax number is phishing—an illegal attempt to obtain personal information from people for identity theft or other criminal purposes.

We strongly advise that you not contact or respond to any request for information from the recruit[at]iie-usa[dot]org address or the 206-337-6174 fax number. Before applying to IIE or any potential employer, individuals should protect themselves by first verifying that the email address, application website or other contact information is legitimately that of the prospective employer.

IIE’s job postings and application information are available here. If you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of any posting associated with IIE, please contact IIE at If you receive any communication, on a website or by email regarding employment at IIE that seems suspicious, please alert us by email