Talent Philosophy

IIE Path logo: a colorful wheel with the letters P, A, T, and H and their corresponding competencies: Promotes operational excellence, advances talent, thinks strategically, and helps build trusted relationships

We know our team members are not strangers to our quickly changing world and the increasing need to keep abreast of new technologies and skills. IIE has designed a competency model, IIE Path, that pinpoints the behaviors and attitudes needed to help you enhance your own capabilities and ongoing success at the Institute.

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IIE Path is designed to create a common language around performance and to share what it takes to be successful at IIE, and includes four competencies:

Promotes Operations Excellence

  • Inspires the organization to drive toward results that improve the top and bottom line as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • Sets high performance standards and uses data to monitor and measure deliverables and results.
  • Identifies and articulates potential issues before they become problems.
  • Recognizes the similarities across programs and products and collaborates with other teams to produce results.
  • Infuses the organization with a sense of optimism and determination.

Advances Talent

  • Enables others to recognize their areas of strength and opportunity in a constructive, beneficial manner.
  • Empowers others to make decisions and share in responsibility.
  • Understands differences between team members and uses a variety of methods to enable individuals to achieve higher levels of performance.
  • Provides relevant stretch assignments to develop others’ leadership skills.
  • Builds identity, coordination, development, and adaptation into team processes.

Thinks Strategically

  • Brings a long-term perspective to planning and problem solving, incorporating an understanding of external forces, especially what is happening in government and education.
  • Identifies opportunities for innovation, improvement, and intelligent risk-taking.
  • Incorporates relevant, noteworthy research, industry trends, and practices into planning and decision making.
  • Makes timely and strategic decisions judged to be right for IIE even though they may be difficult or circumstances may be unclear.
  • Implements best practices to improve competitive advantage.

Helps Build Trusted Relationships

  • Builds strong, collaborative relationships and alliances with sponsors, partners, vendors, and colleagues.
  • Gains the trust and loyalty of sponsors, partners, vendors, and colleagues by fulfilling the commitments made to them.
  • Willingly handles criticisms, complaints, and priority needs.
  • Remains objective with sponsors, partners, vendors, and colleagues, maintaining a positive relationship even in demanding circumstances.
  • Treats others fairly and equitably.