The Legacy Alcoa Foundation Advancing Sustainability Research program was implemented in January 2011 to advance knowledge in the fields of environment and sustainable design as well as foster actionable solutions for informed public policy, environmental and technological concerns. The program brought Alcoa together with sustainability thought leaders and drew upon each region’s unique resources for research – NGOs, research institutes and universities. Alcoa regional leadership selected 15 partners for 10 research initiatives that were aligned with Alcoa’s sustainability priorities and areas of importance in key regions across five continents. The program drove results including:

  • Actionable solutions realized through informed public or corporate policy, new technologies and methodologies adapted and replicated by others.
  • Access to larger networks of conservation and sustainability researchers and organizations
  • Leadership development for the next generation of researchers and practitioners
  • Leveraging Alcoa’s innovation and initiatives through the involvement of Alcoans
  • Sharing ideas through published reports, online media, and other forms of communication
  • Over the course of two years, the program created and leveraged sustainability research and provided opportunities to develop and share solutions worldwide