Can artists from any country apply?

A: Yes, artists from any country may apply.

Can artists from any artistic discipline/practice apply?

A: Yes, artists from any artistic discipline/practice may apply. This includes visual artists, filmmakers, writers, theater artists, performance artists, composers, musicians, choreographers, traditional artists, etc.

What types of threat qualify?

A: Any threat of persecution or violence due to an artist’s practice, identity, or beliefs would qualify. This includes intimidation, harassment, repression, censorship, unjust punishment and violence arising out of an artist’s work, and/or exercise of her/his fundamental human rights. APF may also make a limited number of awards to artists facing general insecurity, instability, or civil conflict that affects the whole population of a country or region.

Do students qualify?

A: No, APF does not award fellowships to students seeking financial support to continue their academic studies.

Does APF support graduate study?

A: APF generally does not award fellowships for degree-granting programs or to artists whose primary purpose is to continue their graduate training.

Must the artist have an exhibition record?

A: The quality and extent of an applicant’s accomplishments in the arts are an important factor in the review of his/her application.

Is English proficiency required?

A: No, preference is given to applicants with advanced ability in the language of the host country/institution.

Is an artist's legal or immigration status a qualifying factor?

A: No, an artist may be considered for a fellowship regardless of his/her legal or immigration status; however, if an artist holds legal status in a safe country outside his/her home country, this will be considered in the overall review of an application. During the fellowship period, an artist will need the appropriate legal or immigration status to work in his/her host country.

Can an artist apply from any location?

A: Yes, applicants may apply from any location. Priority is given to applicants who face immediate security threats.

Does APF take into consideration the length of time that an applicant has been out of his/her home country?

A: Given the limits on available resources for fellowships, priority is given to candidates who have been displaced or in exile for less than two years.