Indonesian Language and Culture Course Information

The Indonesian Language and Culture Course is a required component of the FINIP Program for U.S. participants. Home institutions are expected to award transfer credit or home institution credit for the course (i.e. the course will be pre-approved for credit or under review for credit approval post program completion).

The course will consist of 60 contact hours: Weeks 1-3 will consist of 16 hours each of the language and culture course; the remaining 12 hours of the course will be conducted once a week (3 sessions) thereafter and a final exam will be given. Visits to cultural sites and institutions and cultural activities will also be planned.

Home institutions may determine the number of credits to award based on the suggested number of credits: 4 semester credits. An official transcript from one of the accredited host institutions below will be issued upon course completion.

Depending on the internship placement location, students will take the course at one of the three institutions below. Please click on the institution name to download the course syllabus.

Further questions regarding the course should be directed to

BIPA Program of The Indonesia University of Education, Bandung (175 KB, PDF)

BIPA Program of Brawijaya University, Malang (100 KB, PDF)

Indonesian Language and Culture Intensive Course of Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta (172 KB, PDF)