Internship Credit

Q. Are students required to receive internship credit for participation in the program?

A. No. However, U.S. students are required to receive credit for the Indonesian language and culture course to be completed in Indonesia. Indonesian students are required to complete a non credit-bearing course related to nonprofit administration.

Indonesian Language and Culture Course

Q. Where can I find more information about the Indonesian language and culture course so that my institution may evaluate and approve it?

A. More information and the course syllabus can be found at the Indonesian Language and Culture Course Information page. Further questions regarding the course should be directed to

Q. I am typically the person who submits nominations/certifies applications for similar nationally competitive programs, but I am not authorized to approve credit for the course. Should I still submit the nomination?

A. Yes, you may submit the nomination and certify that the home institution will consider awarding credit for the course (i.e. the course will be pre-approved for credit or under review for credit approval post program completion).

Q. My institution is unable to award credit for the Indonesian language and culture course. Is it possible to waive the credit requirement?

A. Unfortunately, we are unable to waive the credit requirement. Students selected to participate in the program must receive credit for the Indonesian language and culture course.

Q. Is home institution tuition for the course also covered by FINIP?

A. No. Students are responsible for any home institution tuition associated with receiving credit for the Indonesian language and culture course. Tuition and academic expenses charged by the Indonesian host institution will be covered by the program.

Nomination Process

Q. Can an institution/adviser nominate more than one student for the program?

A. Yes. An institution/adviser may nominate as many students as desired for the program.

Q. Who can nominate a student?

A. Study abroad advisers typically nominate students, but in some cases, it may be more appropriate for fellowships/scholarships advisers, career services/internship advisers or academic advisers to nominate a student. Individual institutions may determine the best person(s) to submit nominations.

Q. Must all students from the same institution have the same adviser nominate their application?

A. No. FINIP does not require that institutions designate a single adviser to nominate all FINIP applications from an institution. Appropriate advisers are determined by individual institutions.

Q. What is my role as an adviser?

A. Advisers are responsible for reviewing the student’s application for errors, certifying that the student is in good academic standing, and evaluating the student's suitability and strength as an applicant for the program. For U.S. students, advisers will also be certifying that the home institution will consider awarding transfer credit or home institution credit for successful completion of the Indonesian language and culture course (i.e. credit will either be pre-approved or approved post-program completion).

Q. What will be my user name and id to access applications?

A. Advisers will not have one user name and id to access all student applications. Advisers will access applications and the online nomination form using their student’s email address and password.

Q. What can I expect once the student has submitted his/her online application?

A. When the student submits his/her application, a nomination request email from will be automatically sent to the adviser’s email address that the student listed on his/her application. Advisers should access the student’s application and online nomination form through the link provided in the email and log in using the student’s email address and password.

Q. What is the deadline for submission of the online adviser nominations?

A. The deadline for the submission of student applications as well as adviser nominations is March 1, 2011. Campuses may set an earlier deadline for submission of student applications.

Q. Will advisers be notified of selection decisions?

A. Yes. Students will be notified of selection decisions via email 4-6 weeks after the application deadline. Advisers will also be sent email notifications regarding their students’ status.