Generation Study Abroad Has 800+ Commitment Partners Worldwide

Representing an alliance of over 800 U.S. and international colleges and universities, educational associations and organizations, and country partners, Generation Study Abroad commitment partners have worked to promote equity and increase access to study abroad programs over the past five years with the goal of doubling the number of U.S. students who study abroad by 2020.

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28 Commitment Partners Meet Their Goals!

As part of their commitment to the Generation Study Abroad campaign, the following institutions made strategic commitments aimed at increasing the number of U.S. students who study abroad. IIE is proud to congratulate these institutions on meeting their goals and in helping us on our mission to make study abroad more accessible and inclusive for all students:


 U.S. Institution Name  State GSA Goal Achievement 
 Ashland University  OH  Pledged in 2014. Through a combined effort, they are now sending 40% of undergraduate students abroad.
 Missouri University of Science and Technology  MO  Pledged in 2015. Met original goal of doubling study abroad participation, with a focus on credit-bearing study abroad programming.
 Northeast Wisconsin Technical College  WI  Pledged in 2014. Surpassed original goal to increase study abroad participation by six-fold, with nearly a nine-fold increase.
Wheaton College IL Pledged in 2014. Increased annual average of study abroad participation.
Xavier University OH Pledged in 2014. Achieved goal of tripling the number of students studying abroad. Moving forward they're focusing on tripling the number of students on semester long study abroad programs.


 U.S. Institution Name  State  GSA Goal Achievement
 Delaware Valley University  PA  Delaware Valley University committed to double their study abroad participation in 2014 and surpassed their goal, tripling their study abroad participation in 5 years. This goal was reached by designating the school's first full-time Study Abroad Coordinator. This position advised students on global opportunities, introduced DelVal's first Study Abroad Fair, and supported faculty in creating hands-on study abroad programs focused on experiential learning.
 Elizabethtown College  NJ  Pledged in 2014. Met revised goal of 10% of student population studying abroad.
 Fordham University  NY  Pledged in 2015. Met original goal to increase undergraduate study abroad participation to 50%.
 Lehigh University  PA  Pledged in 2016. Met goal of increasing engineering student participation by 25%. Part of their success can be attributed to a dedicated staff member working as liaison to departments, faculty and students.
 Massachusetts College of Art and Design  MA  Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) is a national leader in visual art and design education that promotes global responsibility in all facets of the college. As a commitment partner of Generation Study Abroad, MassArt has met its goal of doubling the number of outgoing students who participate in The MassArt Exchange Program. Through this program, MassArt students spend a semester immersed as full-time students at their international partners, prestigious institutions of art and design across the globe.
 Rowan University  NJ  Pledged in 2015. Surpassed original goal of doubling study abroad participation.
 SUNY Jamestown Community College  NY  Pledged in 2014. Exceeded original goal doubling study abroad participation.
 Susquehanna University  PA  Pledged in 2014. Since they already require study abroad for their students (prior to their GSA commitment), they have focused on and achieved these goals: doubling non-traditional locations; increasing work with Fulbright applicants; and sharing data on their universal study away requirement with many institutions.
 Syracuse University  NY  Pledged in 2015. They met their goal to increase study abroad participation by 10% and focusing on creating more (substantive and affordable) opportunities to study abroad for all students, especially STEM, health professions, veterans, and first-generation. The new academic strategic plan for the university provided a framework through which they have been able to more effectively engage with campus partners and units. They found the following to support their efforts to reach these diverse student populations: partnering with Diversity Abroad to do targeted presentations; identifying areas where resources are needed; and targeting outreach.
 Worcester Polytechnic Institute  MA  Pledged in 2015. Increased percentage of study abroad participation, nearly doubling. Opened 17 new WPI Project Centers and doubled enrollment at 4 existing Centers.  Starting with the class of 2022, they're offering every WPI student a Global Scholarship up to $5000 to study abroad as part of the Global Projects for All initiative. WPI made the decision to offer this award after research indicated that the off-campus undergraduate research projects, including study abroad, had significant benefits to students. These projects combine two high-impact learning practices: project-based learning and global learning.


 U.S. Institution Name  State  GSA Goal Achievement
 Central Piedmont Community College  NC  Pledged in 2014. Met their revised goal of increasing their base year participation to at least 70% and to double the number of options of countries to study abroad. They are pleased with the increase in diversity of students, as well as faculty who led programs. Since joining GSA, CPCC participates in a study abroad consortium with other community colleges in North Carolina that has supported the diversification of study abroad participation and locations, as well as funding sources.
 Lander University  SC  Pledged in 2014. Exceeded original goal of percentage of study abroad participation.
 North Carolina State University  NC  NC State University pledged in 2014 and achieved the goal to increase study abroad participation by 50%. As a part of the goal, they also successfully increased study abroad participation by underserved students by 50%. NC State attributes this success to their curriculum integration efforts, increased scholarship funding, more tailored academic program offerings and course options that fulfill students’ degree requirements. This made study abroad more accessible to a larger number of students.
 South Texas College  TX  Pledged in 2016. Reached goal of doubling number of students studying abroad by 2022.
 Texas A&M University  TX  Pledged in 2014. Surpassed original goal to double study abroad participation. Some of the following activities contributed to their success in increasing study abroad access and opportunities: establishing an Academic Affairs Climate and Diversity Committee and working with over 100 international partnerships.
 University of South Carolina  SC  The UofSC Study Abroad Office made it their goal to internationalize their campus by committing to send 2,000 students or more abroad within an academic year. They implemented a study abroad fee to strengthen the collaborations of their office which has provided additional support staff for the benefit of faculty and students. In order to provide flexibility for students with more restrictive degree tracks, they have expanded curricular integration, so that students from various disciplines have the opportunity to study abroad.
 University of Houston  TX  Pledged in 2014. Achieved goal of doubling study abroad participation.
 University of the Virgin Islands US VI  Pledged in 2014. Exceeded goal of doubling study abroad participation rate. In line with the institution's strategic goal of becoming an innovative institution of higher learning and preparing their students to compete on the global platform, they're enhancing their GSA commitment and strategic plan to increase the number of students by 10% above baseline each year until 2023.


 U.S. Institution Name  State  GSA Goal Achievement
 Eastern Washington University  WA  Pledged in 2017. Achieved goal of increasing study abroad participation. They have had success through the following initiatives: the Gilman Scholarship Preparation Program; increased faculty-led programs for 2020; developed an internship for returning student post-travel; and hosted a summer 2018 World Cup Viewing Party in their office to help promote GSA and bring together domestic and international students.
 Westminster College - Salt Lake City  UT  Pledged in 2017. Doubled their study abroad participation.
 University of California, Los Angeles   CA  Pledged in 2016. Met goal to increase study abroad participation by five-fold.
 University of Colorado, Colorado Springs  CO   Pledged in 2016. UCCS has seen a 134% increase in UCCS students going abroad since the pledge was taken.
 University of Washington Bothell  WA  Pledged in 2014. Surpassed original pledge and have achieved nearly triple participation.

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