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Conference Theme - Navigating a Changing World: Building Talent with Global Experience

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The IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad acknowledges that our world is changing rapidly and facing new challenges.

In what ways does international education help prepare graduates to be successful in this technological era and help them to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems? This year’s conference invites leaders and practitioners from education, business, and government to action-oriented and stimulating discussions on global workforce readiness and the power of international education.

The Summit is part of IIE’s Generation Study Abroad®, an initiative that aims to mobilize resources and commitments to double and diversify the number of U.S. students studying abroad by 2020.

The following are the subthemes of the IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad:

Theme 1: Building Pathways to the Global Workforce: From K-12 to Higher Education to Industry
Theme 2: International Education Policy in a New Environment
Theme 3: Communicating the Value of Study Abroad in a Changing World

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Theme 1: Building Pathways to the Global Workforce: From K-12 to Higher Education to Industry

  • College and career readiness: Education and business leaders are supporting a growing number of international youth programs at the secondary school level, providing leadership and professional development opportunities for students to excel in college and be prepared for the workforce. What is the impact of study abroad at a younger age on high school completion, leadership development, college preparation and completion, and career readiness? Proposals that demonstrate the short and long-term impact of these programs are encouraged.
  • Education and the workforce: Research indicates that businesses see a skills gap in college graduates and seek to find employees who have both technical knowledge and "soft skills." How can institutions and educators prepare students for the global workforce and help graduates articulate their knowledge and skills? Proposals should aim to highlight increased collaborations across campuses that address internationalization of the curriculum, globalizing the faculty, and the growth of non-traditional study abroad activities, such as internships, research for undergraduate and graduate students.
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution – The Industry Perspective: What trends (and challenges) do CEOs and hiring managers face and what technical and transferrable skills are they looking for? Proposals focused on emerging trends in tech, science & research, entrepreneurship as well as the public sector are welcome.

Theme 2: International Education Policy in a New Environment

  • Expanding and diversifying study abroad participation: Three years into the initiative, several institutions/organizations have achieved their Generation Study Abroad commitments. Is your institution among them? If so, how did you do it? What are the three pieces of advice that you would share with other commitment partners? A strong proposal will reflect how specific actions addressed the key institutional barriers to study abroad, lessons learned from the experience and how the institution/organization plans to sustain expansion into the future.
  • Advancing Your Strategic Goals: Many commitment partners—from the U.S. and abroad—indicate that Generation Study Abroad is helping them advance their own strategic goals. IIE invites proposals from country partners, international partners as well as U.S.-based partners that highlight the impact of being part of a larger initiative. Specifically, these proposals will address questions such as: Did you strengthen international partnerships, expand faculty and student mobility? In addition to internationalization, what were the “side-effects” of joining Generation Study Abroad? Did your commitment to Generation Study Abroad influence other strategic goals, such as a university-wide capital campaign, strong faculty recruitment and retention, increase in university enrollment, etc.?
  • Financing Internationalization: Higher education institutions are faced with increasing pressures of rising costs, access, and reporting clear student outcomes. What are the costs associated with growing study abroad/internationalization activities for higher education institutions? Are there new higher education business models and philosophies that might be used to support internationalization goals? What new tools, innovative fundraising and scholarship schemes can individual students and their families take advantage of to finance their study abroad experience?

Theme 3: Communicating the Value of Study Abroad in a Changing World

  • Big Data: How can we use data to redefine study abroad locally and nationally? This sub-theme will examine new perspectives and research on global competencies, student success and graduation rates, career readiness, and new models of education abroad.
  • Communicating in today’s social media landscape: How can we harness the ever-changing landscape of social media to cultivate a cohesive message about education abroad to various audiences – parents, faculty, employers, students? What technical tools and platforms might be explored to help make the case? Proposals that highlight successful and (unsuccessful) communication campaigns, and strategies to change perceptions of what is study abroad and why it is so important are encouraged.
  • The power of networks: The growing diversity among study abroad alumni and the variety of experiences abroad are an untapped resource to build bridges between education, industry and community. Strong proposals will provide concrete examples illustrating how to leverage this growing population not only as advocates for study abroad in the workplace, but also in their communities and beyond.

IIE welcomes submissions from the growing Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner network as well as others that address the 2017 Summit theme: Navigating a Changing World: Building Talent with Global Experience.

Commitment Partners are encouraged to submit proposals that address their commitment to Generation Study Abroad, how they have expanded study abroad participation and leveraged the Generation Study Abroad network.

Non-commitment partners are invited to submit proposals that address the goals of Generation Study Abroad and to share their perspective on the value and impact of an international experience in today’s global marketplace.

Joint proposals between Commitment Partners and non-commitment partners are welcome.

IIE encourages proposals that reflect the spirit of innovation, especially those that:

  • contain new ideas and approaches to study abroad
  • include cross-sector perspectives and presenters
  • highlight Generation Study Abroad commitments and actions
  • stimulate and provoke discussion
  • encourage interaction and audience engagement
  • use multimedia to enhance attendee learning

The IIE Summit will result in the sharing of ideas, research and practices across sectors that encourage thinking differently about study abroad. Participants will walk away with a strong network of partners and with strategies and action plans to help them reach their commitments and goals.

IIE welcomes proposals for one of the following interactive formats:

  • Individual Submission - Single participant submissions are welcome and sessions will be created based on theme and content.
  • Full Panel - Full panels should consist of no more than 3 panelists (incl. chair/moderator) and MUST include an interactive component. Preference will be given to proposals including diverse perspectives. This session is 40 minutes or 75 minutes. Please indicate preference.
  • Summit Conversations - Begin like a traditional lecture, with a content leader (or leaders) on stage presenting an idea to an audience seated at round tables. After 15-20 minutes, the lecture stops and a room-wide discussion begins. For the next hour or so, the presenter becomes a facilitator, volleying comments and questions around the room and letting the audience steer the session. This session is 75 minutes.
  • SummitTalk - SummitTalks are short, individual, high impact presentations of no more than 6 minutes on hot topics, new ideas, and solutions relevant to the theme of doubling study abroad by 2020.
  • Summit Digital Interactives - Will utilize technology (VR, Crowdsource, Live video) to showcase innovative ways to build human interaction and share knowledge focused on the IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad theme. Limited number of slots available. This session is 40 minutes or 75 minutes. Please indicate preference.


Please contact Sylvia Jons, Events & Communications Manager, Generation Study Abroad with questions at