Brand Thinking: Position Your Study Abroad Strategy for Success
Led by IIE's Communication's & Design Team

In an era of competing priorities, it’s critical for your higher education institution to value and advance study abroad initiatives, international partnerships and exchanges. Brand awareness around study abroad will also engage students as they plan their academic trajectories. This three hour hands-on workshop will guide you in developing a marketing plan as well as coming up with talking points to position study abroad as a core part of your institution’s strategic plan.

We’ll be providing you with the branding tools you’ll need to clarify and elevate your study abroad agenda. Through exercises and activities, we’ll guide you toward building effective messaging and creating a consistent visual presence to heighten engagement, and increase awareness of the benefits of study abroad on your campus. 

Utilizing Strategic Partnerships to Increase U.S. Study Abroad
Led by IIE's Center for International Partnerships
In a constantly changing world, being strategic in partnership building with international institutions is more important than ever. IIE’s Center for International Partnerships will host a pre-conference workshop focused on providing institutions with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop strategic international academic partnerships. The workshop will provide participants with tools necessary to assess the partnership building capabilities of their own institution, develop an effective internationalization strategy, mobilize key stakeholders on campus, and collaborate with compatible institutions.

Additionally, IIE's Center of International Partnerships will showcase real-world examples of institutions that have overcome obstacles, both internally and externally, to develop and maintain successful international partnerships.

SIO as Entrepreneur: Generating New Resources for Campus Internationalization
AIEA sponsored workshop co-led by: 
Dr. Nell Pynes, President-Elect of AIEA and Director of Global Engagement at University of North Carolina, Greensboro 
Dr. William Brustein, Past President of AIEA and Vice President for Global Strategies & International Affairs at West Virginia University 

The SIO – senior international officer – has many roles, including financial. The SIO may oversee international recruitment as well as bring in international grants for research and mobility efforts. In today’s world, this area of responsibilities may be even more critical. This workshop will focus on tools and innovations currently used among SIOs as well as facilitate a discussion on what resources and tips the field might learn from the world of entrepreneurship. What is the level of comfort for risk for SIOs? Participants will walk away with a robust discussion, a network of contacts, and resources to make the case for the importance of their role/office on campus.