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IIE accepts new and bold commitments that will help us reach our goal at any time!

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We welcome institutions and organizations in the U.S .and abroad who make a significant pledge to undertake new and expanded activities to enable more students to study abroad. Our network includes Country Partners, Education Associations, International Universities, K-12 Organizations, Social Networks and Other Services, Study Abroad Organizations and U.S. Universities and Colleges.

Joining the campaign is simple. 1.) Complete the Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner Application outlining your commitment (see Apply Here links below) and 2.) Attach your Letter of Commitment. Your commitment will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation from IIE. Any questions? Reach out to us at

Curious about what other institutions and organizations have pledged? See examples below:

Country Partners - Apply Here

IIE is seeking the support of governments, private sector, nongovernmental organizations, and others who will be able to contribute purposeful action.

Country partners who have signed on share in our goal of providing an international experience to U.S. students, and furthering the relationship between their countries and the United States by making more educational connections. By increasing the number of scholarships and placements offered to study in a particular country, more U.S. students will be able to pursue studies and language skills in select countries.

Example: Education New Zealand, in partnership with New Zealand's eight universities and five participating Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, will provide merit based and travel awards of $500 to $2,000 for U.S. students studying abroad in New Zealand.

Education Associations - Apply Here

Education Associations who have joined have taken on a leadership role to help broaden participation in study abroad. Through their networks, education associations have the ability to reach new audiences, generate ideas and best practices, and offer services to members that will strengthen and highlight why international experience is one of the most important components of a 21st century education.

Example: Partners such as American Councils and ACTFL are emphasizing the connection between language and study abroad. The National Association of College and Advising Counselors (NACAC) is training college and guidance counselors on study abroad opportunities.

International Universities & Organizations - Apply Here

We encourage the participation of higher education institutions and organizations outside the U.S. in Generation Study Abroad. Through international academic partnerships, research collaborations, teaching exchanges, and other exchange activities, international institutions play a critical role in creating opportunities for U.S. students and ultimately shaping the study abroad experience for American students.

Example: Universidad de Guadalajara pledges to build upon existing exchange programs to also offer language and internship programs for US students, specifically Spanish as a second language summer programs and an international teaching program internship.

Organizations: K-12 Organizations, Social Networks and Other Services, Study Abroad Organizations - Apply Here

In addition to the higher education community, IIE seeks the support of all types of organizations – from study abroad program providers to youth-oriented organizations and social network services – who will be able to contribute scholarships, resources, and be able to broaden participation in study abroad. In particular, IIE welcomes organizations who provide programs and services focused on access to education. By engaging new audiences in the dialogue on study abroad, we will be able to ensure that study abroad will be viewed as a necessity, rather than a luxury, for all college students and an essential component of a college degree in the 21st century.

Ex. K-12 Organizations: Global Glimpse is partnering with IES Abroad to build a pipeline of interest in study abroad. Study Abroad Organizations: IES Abroad pledged $2 million in scholarship funding annually to students from its consortium member institutions with an emphasis on need-based aid and grants. CIEE’s Passport Caravan is working with U.S. colleges and universities to reduce administrative barriers to study abroad. Go Overseas’ has collaborated with foreign governments on scholarships opportunities to go abroad. Via TRM is exploring how best to get first year students to plan their study abroad experience.

U.S. Universities and Colleges - Apply Here

Current institutional partners pledge to undertake ambitious actions to reach their goals of doubling, or in some cases tripling, the numbers of student studying abroad. U.S. college and university partners are leveraging their participation in Generation Study Abroad to secure new study abroad scholarship funding from their own institutions and from outside donors, engage their faculty in study abroad, collaborate across campus, and broaden international partnerships and study abroad program options.