A Call to Teachers - Pledge to Generation Study Abroad

Generation Study Abroad 

Teachers inspire curiosity about the world, teach all subjects through a global lens, take students on exchange programs, and encourage students to continue their language learning in college.

That is why the Institute set out to ask K-12 teachers to take the Generation Study Abroad pledge. As of November 2016, more than 1,000 K-12 teachers and administrators have pledged to advocate for study abroad by exposing students to international experiences and global perspectives in preparing for their college careers. Teachers are powerful motivators when it comes to encouraging students to pursue any and all types of global study be it through a classroom project in second grade or on a study abroad program in college.

Building a pipeline for study abroad will be necessary to achieve our goal of doubling study abroad by the end of the decade. We aspire to making “international” part of every student’s experience.

Teachers who make a pledge and take action are eligible for the following:

  • Resources and tools for the classroom
  • Subscription to IIE’s Global Opportunities for Teachers newsletter and Commitment Partner news
  • Invitation to attend webinars on how to engage administrators/students/parents & how to increase global education in your school and school districts
  • Invitation to connect to more than 300 partners in the Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner Network to share expertise, challenges, and to advance the conversation
  • E-book license for A Student Guide to Study Abroad for one year
  • Eligible for incentive grants/awards to outstanding Generation Study Abroad Teachers who promote study abroad awareness in schools
  • Invitation to participate in the annual Generation Study Abroad Summit, which brings all commitment partners together to drive change

I am on board with Generation Study Abroad!

I pledge to:

  • Be an advocate for study abroad and to prepare my students to become global citizens
  • Be an advocate for study abroad and reflect on how I as a teacher am a global citizens
  • Incorporate a global perspective into my teaching inside and outside the classroom
  • Share my own personal travel/study abroad experiences, as appropriate

As part of my pledge, I agree to undertake actions, share back activities and accomplishments so that IIE may share my successes with other educators.

Be An Advocate

There are many ways in which teachers and administrators can expand awareness of study abroad in the school community. These range from creating a passport day, inviting a study abroad student into the classroom, to working with the school district—all of which is needed to shift the paradigm of study abroad as an essential part of a college education.

The Institute has put together a list of suggested actions to support teachers and administrators to expand awareness of study abroad. Teachers and administrators are welcome to use these ideas and also to be creative and put together their own innovative actions. We hope that you will share back your stories so that others may be inspired by your success.

  • Host an information session for parents/students/administrators on study abroad in college
  • Host an exchange student or teacher and promote the importance of the cross-cultural experience within the community
  • Share your own study abroad experience with other teachers and students through a video or photo montage, making the case for how it made a difference in your personal and professional life
  • Make a presentation to administrators or school board about the importance of preparing high school students to study abroad in college
  • Reach out to guidance counselors to make study abroad part of the common assumption for high school students—success is graduating from high school, going to college and studying abroad
  • Go on local-global study abroad opportunities with other teachers and students, e.g., field trip to Model UN, virtual exchange
  • Create a direct and ongoing links with alumni who have studied abroad

Looking for more suggestions? Download IIE's Ideas for Pledge Actions (PDF)