To participate in Global E3, you need to be a student attending a member university. See "Participating Institutions" on the online application website for more information about whether your school is a member.

Students who apply to Global E3 should be aware of the below process.

  1. STUDENT: Contacts the home-campus Global E3 administrator. This person is typically in the study abroad or engineering abroad office.
  2. STUDENT: Researches potential host institutions and completes the online application. Students may apply for Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or Academic Year. Students may also choose to add an internship to the Global E3 experience. This depends greatly on which universities offer internship opportunities, and whether the university at which a student is placed has one available.
  3. STUDENT: Completes required additional forms (transcripts, etc.), and hands them in to the home campus advisor.
  4. HOME CAMPUS ADVISOR: Advises student in application process. Reviews and approves student application.
  5. HOME CAMPUS ADVISOR: Forwards completed and approved student application to the Institute of International Education (IIE).
  6. IIE: Reviews application, along with all student applications from Global E3 member universities, and determines potential host placements overseas.
  7. IIE: Forwards student file to potential host for review.
  8. POTENTIAL OVERSEAS HOST CAMPUS: Reviews student file and required courses, and either agrees to accept the student or determines that the student is not a good fit.
  9. POTENTIAL OVERSEAS HOST CAMPUS: If student is accepted, the potential host transmits message back to IIE, who sends message to Home Campus Advisor and the student.
  10. HOME CAMPUS ADVISOR: Advises student on placement decision.
  11. STUDENT: Accepts or declines placement offer.
  12. OVERSEAS HOST CAMPUS: If student accepts placement, the host coordinates directly with student to finalize paperwork.
  13. STUDENT: In direct contact with host.

While this process seems long, it can take as little as two-three weeks.

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