The GET AHEAD Program will be temporarily on hold and therefore will not be accepting applications for 2019-2020.

For any questions, please contact Collette Agnese at

The Global Experience and Training (GET) - A Higher Education Academic (AHEAD) Program seeks to place qualified international applicants in US higher education institutions for both graduate and undergraduate study. GET-AHEAD offers guidance throughout the application process to non-US secondary school seniors or recent graduates from participating countries who are carefully selected by international partners and screening committees in their home countries. Applicants are chosen based on academic excellence, leadership potential and English proficiency. For undergraduates, IIE works to place students in 4-year undergraduate degree programs, or non-degree programs for 1-year or 1-semester.  For graduates, IIE works to place students in masters and doctoral degree programs, visiting student researcher programs, and non-degree programs.

What does IIE do for the GET-AHEAD Program?

Once a student is selected for GET-AHEAD, IIE provides the following services to applicants:

  • Carefully read and review each application and evaluate academic performance and English ability
  • Make recommendations to strengthen application, especially writing supplements.
  • Research academic programs suited to the candidate's interests and personal preferences.
  • Research financial aid availability at institutions offering appropriate programs.
  • Provide candidates with a list of five recommended schools where their chances for admission and scholarship are the greatest.
  • Simultaneously submit the application to five institutions selected by candidates for placement.
  • Forward Announcement of Offer Letters to cooperating agencies abroad or to candidates directly.
  • Negotiate with admissions and financial aid officers on behalf of candidates as necessary.
  • Inform schools of candidate's final placement decisions.
  • Mail preliminary information, such as tuition deposits, and arrival, registration and orientation information.

The program is open to qualified students from any country with an EducationUSA office. You can find your nearest advising center on the EducationUSA Website: