The GET AHEAD Program will be temporarily on hold and therefore will not be accepting applications for 2019-2020.

Please contact Collette Agnese at with any questions. 

The GET- AHEAD program offers the unique opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds in your home country to apply for admission and scholarships in the United States with guidance from placement experts! For over 80 years, the Institute of International Education has placed international students at universities across the United States.

The success stories of our program would not be possible without strong partnerships with international offices like you. We work with international partners to identify fitting applicants for the program, help students to prepare their applications and provide guidance and support throughout the admissions process.

IIE services allow applicants an inside knowledge of America universities and the ease of a stress-free application and admissions process. IIE handles all communication with US host institutions and advocates on the students’ behalf. Our unique relationships with 450+ U.S. universities in all 50 states allow us to present GET students with strong scholarship options for their studies in the US.

Our services can adapt for interest in both degree and non-degree seeking students at the undergraduate and graduate levels:

Degree Programs:

Competitive secondary school seniors, recent graduates, or transfer students from participating countries are carefully selected by bi-national screening committees in their home countries based on academic excellence and leadership potential. Students at the undergraduate level come to the United States for up to four years of undergraduate study leading to the completion of their bachelor's degree in various fields. Students at the graduate level come to the United States for graduate study leading to the completion of a masters or doctoral degree in various fields. Universities that accept students in this program provide F-1 visa sponsorship.

Non-Degree - Visiting Student Program:

Students of exceptional academic achievement who have completed secondary school, or who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate study in their home countries are eligible to apply. Undergraduate participants may spend one year or one semester in a U.S. institution, while graduate participants may join visiting student researcher programs.  Participants in the program are funded by governments, foundations and/or personal sources. US institutions provide cost-sharing in the form of partial tuition waivers. Based on the nominating country or sponsor, IIE or the U.S. host institution would provide visa sponsorship.

Have questions? We would love to hear from you and discuss how our services can best fit the needs of students in your country! Contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is eligible?

A. The GET- AHEAD program works with secondary school seniors or recent graduates from participating countries who are carefully selected by international partners and screening committees in their home countries based on academic excellence and leadership potential.

Q. How can students apply?

A. IIE recommends that students contact the GET- AHEAD program partner in the country from which they are applying. Any Center that believes their students would benefit from the program can nominate candidates. Applicants do not have to be processed through any particular office in any country. Many EducationUSA host institutions, bi-national centers, and foundations have traditionally nominated candidates to the program but no agency/person/center has exclusive right to nominate candidates.

Q. Which colleges and universities accept students from this program?

A. IIE surveys all colleges and universities nationwide every year to determine what financial aid opportunities are offered and what the eligibility requirements are for international undergraduates. We work with the full range of accredited post-secondary educational institutions. Schools do not have to be IIE member institutions and do not pay any fee to participate. IIE receives no commission to place students in any institution. All institutions are invited to review candidates through the program. IIE staff evaluates each candidate application and researches appropriate programs and majors for each student. We work with the student, the advisor/center/foundation until the student; advisor/center/foundation and IIE are satisfied and agree with a list of 5 schools for submission.

Q. What if the student’s application is not successful?

A. IIE can make no guarantees on the success of a candidate’s application. We carefully review applications and work with students prior to submission to evaluate their best options and chances. If IIE, the International Partner, and the student decide it is in the student’s best interest to withdraw, IIE will return all original documents and determine a plan for reimbursement.

Q. What are the responsibilities of a GET- AHEAD Program Partner?

A. As the advisor/center/foundation you would counsel the students and coordinate the submission of necessary documents to IIE. You would provide the students information on the TOEFL, SAT, GRE and GMAT help register them for these exams when necessary. You would evaluate their application and letters of recommendation for completeness, competitiveness and clarity of study objectives. Once the application is submitted, IIE would copy you on all correspondence between our office and the candidate and request your support when necessary to clarify issues and resolve any problems.

Q. Are international partners required to do outreach for the GET- AHEAD Program?

A. Although there is no requirement for international partners to conduct specific outreach, IIE appreciates any outreach done by our international partners within their regions. As IIE's partners on the ground, we trust that you represent the GET- AHEAD program and identify students who will most benefit from IIE's services. Some past outreach activities organized by our international partners include brochures and flyers, university fairs, planning International Education Week events, promotions in English courses etc.


"IIE provides a great opportunity for students who want to pursue a dream, study in the U.S.! We have been together for more than 40 years..."

- EducationUSA Lima, Fulbright Peru, Lima, Peru

"IIE's program is a great opportunity for highly talented students that aspire to pursue an undergraduate career in the US. It has the added benefit of the applications been reviewed twice prior to submission. Students work with a local adviser and with IIE to boost their applications. Students from our region that were admitted into universities in the US are doing well in school and were very satisfied with the program outcomes."

- Centro Boliviano Americano, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

"IIE's program contributes to educational development in our country and also helps address the huge social inequality in our society. It is an experience that changes our students lives, not just on the academic side but by them having the opportunity to meet and interact with various people from other cultures. On returning from the USA, they tend to seek positions that will enable them to address some of the sad and troublesome situations we have in our country. Several of our ex-scholarship students have gone on to high-flying careers such as Deans of Universities, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Scientists and actors etc."

- Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil