Caitlyn Wilson

Caitlyn began her internship at Accredited Distributors, an Industry partner of Northern Futures. She is a very shy young girl who has lived in supportive youth housing. Northern Futures decided that Accredited Distributors was best suited for Caitlyn as it is a company based in regional towns throughout the State of Victoria, staff size being around 12. Accredited Distributors offer site visits to Northern Futures and have employed graduates before. The manager set up training tasks that the supervisor could guide Caitlyn to learn in her six weeks with them. These training tasks were designed to help Caitlyn acquire the necessary skills and be able to apply for warehouse positions after the internship.

Each week Northern Futures visited Caitlyn at work. Over time, her skill set and confidence grew. One week she was picking and packing with a scanner and the next week she was driving a forklift and unloading a truck. Caitlyn was also taught about ordering spreadsheets and had the opportunity to do an order over the phone.

In late March 2014, Northern Futures celebrated Caitlyn's end of internship and graduation from the program, with the announcement that she had been selected to participate in a 12-month full time employment project called 180 Degrees at Cotton On Group Distribution Centre, an Australian clothing retailer with almost 1,200 stores in 12 countries, and 17,000 employees worldwide. Caitlyn participated in the 12-month project at the warehouse of the Cotton on Group Distribution Centre in 2014 utilizing all of the skills acquired during her internship.

Caitlyn's participation in Legacy Alcoa Foundation's Internship for Unemployed Youth prepared her for the next step in her employment journey and provided her with social collateral which will assist her to be successful in life.