Pavel and Nate, both former Electro Mechanical Technology program students, worked together during a Trident Seafoods internship experience in June 2014. They both are currently working at the Trident Processing Plant in Carrollton, Georgia.

Pavel and Nate participated in three projects over a two-week internship experience. Some of activities included installing an ultrasonic wave sensor, programming a chart recorder, and troubleshooting problems with industrial oven functions.

One of the lessons Nathan and Pavel learned were that phone skills are crucial. In Nate’s words “Trying to put into words our technical difficulties as well as comprehend technical responses was slow going but [I realized] an important skill.”

Pavel and Nate learned forklift safety techniques and developed other technical skills, including learning how to operate, research and trouble-shoot problems with and processes for the manufacturing equipment used in the plant. Pavel found that working in a team with Nate was beneficial, learning that “working as a team helped us solve problems faster; our different perspectives gave us quicker and smarter solutions.”

The students learned the various plant systems, how to organize and manage their work time, and worked in a variety of conditions. The students noted that learning and maintaining plant “‘etiquette’ was very important for a safe productive environment” as well as absolutely necessary to ensure a sanitary processing environment.

Nate noted that “It was a good exercise to be able to take our schooling and apply concepts learned to real world applications.”

Pavel noted that the experience was “an excellent stepping stone into industry.”