Trevor Fischer, a 23-year-old enrolled at Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham, Washington, recently completed an internship at Alcoa Corp., where his father also works. “I honestly had never held much interest in pursuing a career in manufacturing,” Fischer admits. “However, that has changed since I began the internship, I see manufacturing in a different light now and find myself very interested in it.”

Fischer believes young people don't consider a career in manufacturing because the idea of working at a big industrial plant can be intimidating. “I personally felt this way at first,” he admits. “I also felt worried that I would make mistakes that may affect production or other important aspects of the plant. The last thing I want is to slow others down.”

According to Fischer, the paid internship at a manufacturing facility provided him a great opportunity to try out industrial/manufacturing work, gain some experience in the field, and also allowed him the opportunity to establish rapport with one of the best employers in the area. As a result, he’s now considering applying at the company where he interned after graduation.