The Global Internship Program Participant Scholarship Awards are $1,000 USD awards for participants in the Global Internship Program to help with the cost of pursuing an educational or training opportunity that is relevant to the field of manufacturing. Each award winners participated in and completed an internship in 2018 and was nominated by their local implementing partner organization.

Julien Viel
Local Partner: Mission Locale Caen la Mer Calvados Centre
Internship: Alkern Caen, Fontaine-Etoupefour, France

Before he joined the program, Julien faced major difficulties to find employment but was determined to complete the program and to take his opportunity for a career in industry. His demonstrated effort and high involvement in the program make him a deserving recipient of this scholarship award. Julien used the award to help him complete a 280-hour training program as a pre-fabrication agent, developing skills needed to make reinforced concrete elements with a mold.

Michael Brandon Love
Local Partner: Blount County Public Library
Internship: ICC International, Maryville, Tennessee

Michael came to the program in the summer of 2018 while he was preparing for his high school equivalency exam. A hands-on worker and learner, Michael was also good with computers and computer applications. Michael’s patience and persistence proved invaluable, as he was taking the HiSET exams while concurrently participating in the internship. Michael used the award to pursue a General Associates Degree of Science, Computer Science and Engineering Path (General AS-COMP Sci/Engineering Path) at Pellissippi State Technical Community College.

Drew Isaac
Local Partner: IowaWORKS
Internship: Muscatine Power and Water Company, Muscatine, Iowa

During his internship Drew worked with engineers at Muscatine Power and Water Company to track data. Drew successfully integrated into the workplace and illustrated how he can effectively work in teams, follow workplace requirements in manufacturing, problem solve, and communicate on the job. Drew used the award to pursue a degree in Mechanical Design at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.

Muhammed Rashid
Local Partner: The Pump, East Birmingham
Internship: Arlington Automotive, Birmingham, England

Muhammed was a great student during the program; bright, engaged, enthusiastic and always willing to join in the discussion. He asked questions, pushed himself to improve and became a genuinely productive member of staff during his internship. His performance was so impressive that he was offered a full-time position with the company which he decided to turn down in favor of continuing his studies. Attitude counts for so much when it comes to success in the world of work and Muhammed is the epitome of a hardworking, positive candidate. Muhammed used the award to attend the University of Birmingham studying for a BSc in Physics with the goal of working in engineering after graduation.

Johnny Benoit
Local Partner: Mission Locale Sarthe Nord
Internship: Entreprise Espace Pieces Automobiles - EPA, La Ferté-Bernard, France

Johnny Benoit came to MLSN in September 2017. He was interested to know more about the manufacturing field. After visiting several businesses and participating in MLSN skills and trades workshops, he participated in several internships at local manufacturing companies. He completed his last internship, working on automobile parts logistics, on February 8, 2019. Johnny used the award to support his enrollment in a technical training program at Greta Pays de la Loire and towards the completion of his Level 5 Professional Certification.