The IIE-GIRE program is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under grant no 1829436.

Required Materials

  • Personal Statement: A Personal Statement (double-spaced, no longer than 2 pages) that demonstrates your ability to meet the goals of your proposed project and how your background and leadership experience have prepared you to be successful in this endeavor.
  • Project Statement: A Project Statement (double-spaced, no longer than 3 pages) that demonstrates the detail and scope of the proposed research project. This statement should:
    • Demonstrate the project's contribution to the respective academic field.
    • Contain a proposed timeline of research activity.
    • Discuss how this experience will further your academic and professional goals.
    • Discuss how the proposed project will benefit the home and host institutions.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Uploaded as a single or multi-page PDF, TIFF, or JPEG file.
  • Transcripts: Scanned or digital copies of unofficial transcripts from your current institution and all previous institutions attended.
  • Recommendation Letter: A recommendation letter from your Faculty Advisor.  A recommendation letter (in English) from a contact at the overseas host institution is not required, but highly recommended. 

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