Fellowships Offered in Each Cycle

All-Discipline Fellowships

Open to Project Requests from all disciplines in each competition cycle.

Alumni Fellowships

Opportunity for program alumni to do another stay at their initial host institution. Alumni can also collaborate with new institutions.

Multi-Institutional Fellowships

With this type of fellowship, fellows can visit multiple institutions. Hosting institutions must collaborate on the Project Request. Project Requests are specifically encouraged that demonstrate collaboration between AEIs and ATEIs. Collaborations between universities and research organizations are also an option with the multi-institutional Fellowship. Please contact GreekDiaspora@iie.org if you plan to apply for the multi-institutional fellowship.

Cohort Fellowships

Two or more fellows collaborate on a single project. Please contact GreekDiaspora@iie.org if you plan to apply for this type of fellowship.

Flexible Fellowship

With this option, fellows visit the institution twice. The host university of fellow’s university must cover cost of second airfare. If you are interested in this option, please email GreekDiaspora@iie.org.