• Nasrin Al-Amin, Nigeria
    Indigenous/Local Community: Fulani/Fulfulde
    Conference: CSW64 / Beijing+25 (2020), USA
  • Nazareth Cabrera Guerrero, Colombia
    Indigenous/Local Community: Uitoto (Muina
    Conference: CSW64 / Beijing+25 (2020), USA
  • Abolade Majekobaje, Palau
    Indigenous/Local Community: Palauan
    Conference: The Women in Conservation Leadership Conference, USA
  • Leonard Mindore, Kenya
    Indigenous/Local Community: Ogiek
    Conference: UNPFII (United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues), USA
  • Cecilia Eneck Ndifon Epse Musongong, Cameroon
    Indigenous/Local Community: Moko-oh People
    Conference: UNPFII (United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues), USA

  • Erika Ludeña, Peru
    Indigenous/Local Community: Quecha
    Conference: Agenda 2030, Objetivos del Desarrollo Sostenible y Politicas Publicas, Chile
  • Stella Marris, Kenya
    Indigenous/Local Community: Luo
    Conference: International Conference on Sustainable Environment and Agriculture, USA
  • Begaiym Murzalieva, Kyrgyzstan
    Indigenous/Local Community: Kyrgyz
    Conference: Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems: Climate Change and Sustainability, Japan
  • Leila Ndalilo, Kenya
    Indigenous/Local Community: Mijikenda 
    Conference: International Union of Forest Research Organizations World Congress 2019, Brazil
  • Mmoloki Ludoh Pitse, Botswana
    Indigenous/Local Community: Basarwa
    Conference: International Conference on Cultural and Educational Tourism, England

  • Sarah Odame Afari, Ghana
    Indigenous/Local Community: Parkoso - Aprade
    Conference: Sustainable Development Conference 2018
  • Sunil Thapa, Nepal
    Indigenous/Local Community: Magar
    Conference: 9th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software "Modelling for Sustainable Food-Energy-Water Systems"
  • Christian Serado, Philippines
    Indigenous/Local Community: Penagannaki
    Conference: 16th ISISA Islands of the World Conference 

  • Paul Eme, Nigeria
    Indigenous/Local Community: Igbo, South East Nigeria
    Conference: International Union of Nutritionist 21st International Congress of Nutrition, Buenos Aires
  • Karishma Gurung, Nepal
    Indigenous/Local Community: Gurung Community, Gandaki Region of Nepal
    Conference: 2017 5th International Conference on Food and Agricultural Sciences (ICFAS 2017), New Zealand
  • Diana Hernández Hernández, Mexico
    Indigenous/Local Community: Zapotec, Oaxaca, México
    Conference: Tinkuy 2017 Gathering of the Textile Arts, Peru
  • Sonia Quispe Ttito, Peru
    Indigenous/Local Community: Choquecancha, Lares, Peru
    Conference: 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 23). Annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, Germany
  • Michelle Slwooko, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Gambell (Sivuqaq), St. Lawrence Island, Alaska
    Conference: Circumpolar Inuit Wildlife Management Summit, Canada
  • Kamuela Werner, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Native Hawaiian
    Conference: International Conference on Policy towards Indigenous Peoples: Lessons to be Learned, Japan

  • Vernae Angnaboogok, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Inuit Circumpolar Council-Alaska
    Conference: 9th International Congress of Artic Social Sciences (ICASS IX), Sweden
  • Juan Gamarra Ramos, Peru
    Indigenous/Local Community: Quechua
    Conference: III Jornada Iberoamericana en saludo al Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente, Ecuador
  • Sarah Odame Afari, Ghana
    Indigenous/Local Community: Domeabra - Apromase
    Conference: Living Earth Transnational Meeting: Social Innovation for Resilient Communities, United Kingdom
  • Douglas Otieno, Kenya
    Indigenous/Local Community: Luo of Kisumo County, Kenya
    Conference: 2017 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Mexico
  • Kubanych Tagaev, Kyrgyzstan
    Indigenous/Local Community: Munduz Tribe, Issyk-Kul
    Conference: International Network for Mountain Indigenous Peoples (INMIP) Fourth International Learning Exchange, Peru
  • Hannah van der Wielen, Canada
    Indigenous/Local Community: Behchokǫ̀
    Conference: 19th International Conference on Water, Energy and Environmental Management, France

  • Natalie Benally, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Navajo Nation
    Riddu Riddu International Indigenous Festival, Norway
  • Balkissou Buba, Cameroon
    Indigenous/Local Community: Mbororo Community
    Expert mechanism on the rights of indigenous peoples, Switzerland
  • Nazareth Cabrera Guerrero, Colombia
    Indigenous/Local Community: Uitoto Resguardo Nmesay
    United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, USA
  • Sandy Hernandez Aquino, Mexico
    Indigenous/Local Community: Zapotec, Zimatlan de Alvarez, Oaxaca
    Yakanal Native Youth Cultural Exchange, Guatemala
  • Wikuki Kingi, New Zealand
    Indigenous/Local Community: Te Whanau a Apanui, Ngai Tai, Tainui
    Festival of Pacific Arts, Guam
  • Angelo McHorse, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Red Willow People of Tuah Tah (Taos Pueblo)
    Yakanal Native Youth Cultural Exchange, Guatemala
  • Saitoti Parmelo, Tanzania
    Indigenous/Local Community: Maasai
    2016 Annual Meeting of the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (ELAW), Ecuador
  • Aura Tegria Cristancho, Colombia
    Indigenous/Local Community: U'wa
    United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, USA

  • Ana Rosado Torres, Mexico
    Indigenous/Local Community: Yucatec Maya
    Guardians of the Waters, USA
  • Bishnu Thokar, Nepal
    Indigenous/Local Community: Tamang
    Mitigation, Adaptation, Technology and Finance Mechanisms, France
  • Samuel Gensaw, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Yurok Tribe
    World Indigenous Summit on Environment and Rivers, Malaysia
  • Reino Le Fleur, South Africa
    Indigenous/Local Community: Griqua Vredendal Community
    Paris Climate Change Conference, France
  • Milvian Aspuac Con, Guatemala
    Indigenous/Local Community: Mayan Kaqchikel
    Indigenous Terra Madre 2015, India
  • Rosemary Nilkare Teine, New Zealand
    Indigenous/Local Community: Angagoi
    New Zealand Association of Environment Education Conference, New Zealand
  • Beverly Singer, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Amboslei National Park-Purku, Kenya
    Across Maasai Land Initiative Walk, Kenya

  • Sarah Dekdeken, Philippines
    Indigenous/Local Community: Igorot (Cordillera Region)
    14th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, USA
  • Fanis Inganga, Kenya
    Indigenous/Local Community: Ogiek Community
    14th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, USA
  • Yolanda Lopez Maldonado, Mexico
    Indigenous/Local Community: Maya
    XVth Biannual Conference International Association for the Study of the Commons, Canada
  • Kamal Kumar Rai, Nepal
    Indigenous/Local Community: Kirant Sampang Samarung
    Durrell Endangered Species Management Graduate Certificate (DESMAN) 2015, UK
  • Michael Runningwolf, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Northern Cheyenne Tribe
    International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation, USA
  • Deborah Sanchez, Honduras
    Indigenous/Local Community: Miskitu
    14th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, USA
  • Tarekegn Shado Shano, Ethiopia
    Indigenous/Local Community: Gamo (South Ethiopia)
    UCLG Culture Summit, Spain
  • Ronal Cervantes Zavala, Peru
    Indigenous/Local Community: Tambobamba, Huanipaca
    7th annual Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Conference, Costa Rica
  • Juan Gamarra Ramos, Peru
    Indigenous/Local Community: Quechua
    Cumbre Regional de Energía y Ambiente, Guatemala
  • Oscar Gutierrez Gonzalez, Mexico
    Indigenous/Local Community: Nahuatl
    VII Congreso Iberoamericano de Educación Ambiental, Peru
  • Sheyla Juruna Machado Da Silva, Brazil
    Indigenous/Local Community: Yakarepi Juruna
    Indigenous Meeting and Demonstration for the Preservation of the Amazonian Ecosystem, Brazil
  • Dawn Newman, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Fond du Lac Band Lake Superior Chippewa
    International Evaluation Conference: Unleashing the Power of Evaluation, Australia
  • Tariku Olana Jawo, Ethiopia
    Indigenous/Local Community: Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources
    Global Environments Summer Academy 2014: Socio-ecological Interactions in a Dynamic World, Switzerland
  • Roselyne Tari, Vanuatu
    Indigenous/Local Community: Native Vanuatu (Ambae and Ambyrm Islands)
    Hawai'i Conservation Conference, United States
  • Guido Vega Moreno, Peru
    Indigenous/Local Community: Bambamarca
    International Conference: Facilitating Information and Innovations for Empowering Family Farmers, Iran

  • Taghi Farvar, Iran
    Indigenous/Local Community: Shahsevan Nomadic Tribal Confederacy
    13th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, United States
  • Yumna Javed, Pakistan
    Indigenous/Local Community: Potohari
    ISHUD 2014: Annual International Conference on Sustainable Human Development, United Kingdom
  • Raul Mamani, Argentina
    Indigenous/Local Community: Kolla
    Marangburu (Mother Earth and Father Sun), India
  • Mateo Martinez Nicolas, Mexico
    Indigenous/Local Community: Zapoteco
    2nd International Congress of Plant Biodiversity, Morocco
  • Christophor Oliveira, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Native Hawaiian
    14th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology, Regenerating Biocultural Ecosystem Resilience, Bhutan
  • Juan Carlos Tonko, Chile
    Indigenous/Local Community: Comunidad Indígena Kawésqar de Puerto Edén
    13th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, United States
  • Eduard Zdor, Russia
    Indigenous/Local Community: Association of Traditional Marine Mammal Hunters of Chukotka
    22nd North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission (NAMMCO) Council Meeting, Norway
  • Sandra Anderson, United States
    Indigenous/Local Community: Navajo Nation
    UNWTO World Tourism Conference, Malaysia
  • Augusto Castilho, Mozambique
    Indigenous/Local Community: Manga Mascarenhas
    International Association for Research on Service Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE), USA
  • Felipe Gomez Gomez, Guatemala
    Indigenous/Local Community: Oxlajuj Ajpop, Guatemalan National Council of Mayan Spiritual Leaders
    10th World Wilderness Congress & ICCA Consortium General Assembly, Spain
  • Meyasi Mollel, Tanzania
    Indigenous/Local Community: Serengeti Preservation Council
    10th World Wilderness Congress, Spain
  • Cheruiyot Peter Kiplangat, Kenya
    Indigenous/Local Community: Ogiek the indigenous Hunter Gatherer of Mau Forest
    8th Meeting of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Article 8(j) and Related Provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity, Canada
  • Cynthia Wechabe, Kenya
    Indigenous/Local Community: Luyha -Sabaoti of MT Elgon
    COP19/CMP9 United Nations Climate Change Conference Warsaw 2013, Poland