To be eligible for the Japan-IMF Scholarship Program you must be:

  • A Japanese citizen.
  • Pursuing an advanced degree in macroeconomics, finance, public finance, monetary economics, international economics, international trade, poverty issues, political economy, or econometrics at a top university outside of Japan; and
  • Able to complete your Ph.D. by age 34.

Up to seven scholarships are awarded annually on a competitive basis to students with a record of high academic achievement. All Japan -IMF Scholarship Program scholars are required to apply to the IMF's Economist Program (EP) upon completion of their doctoral studies and to accept an EP position if offered. Scholars who do not comply with this condition will be asked to repay the scholarship cost.

Please note that the IMF will not be able to accommodate all scholars who apply for employment at the Fund since there are many applicants for each available position and the selection process is very competitive.