Meet the IIE Support Team


Team & Resources

IIE has partnered with MBZUAI to seek out and support outstanding applicants for the scholarship. Meet your IIE Support Team:

Program staff


English Language Certification

General Record Exam

Although GRE is not required, it is favorable if you have already taken it and scored high to include your grades.

Institutes recognized by the Ministry of Education in the UAE

In order to qualify for a scholarship at MBZUAI, your institution needs to be recognized and/or accredited by the UAE. For more information on accreditation, please read the UAE's equivalency requirements.

Attestation & Equivalency Process

Once accepted, you will need to get your documents ready. The website of the Ministry of Education contains all the steps required to apply for an equivalency of your certificates.

Attestation (for certificates obtained in the UAE)
Equalization & Equivalency