The Fellowship is open to candidates interested in studying at the Angelicum to obtain a Diploma in Interreligious Studies, a Licence Degree or a Doctorate degree at this University.

Licence Degree applicants:

  • Licence applicants planning to pursue their first year of the Licence Degree are eligible to apply if they submit a written commitment from their Bishop or Appropriate Religious Superior that they will receive support in the second and final year of their studies.
  • Students pursuing their second and final year of the Licence Degree or a Doctorate Degree at the Angelicum are eligible to apply.

Diploma in Interreligious Studies applicants:

  • The aim of the Diploma in Interreligious Studies is to provide for those who are not qualified for entrance into the STL program the opportunity to explore various aspects of interreligious issues.
  • Applicants need to hold at least a B.A. degree from an academic institution with good standing
  • The norms for admission to the Diploma program will be determined by the Dean's office based on the student having demonstrated that they have either some academic experience at the university level or personal experience in working with other religions.

In order to be eligible to apply for a Russell Berrie Fellowship, candidates must first prove that they have gained or are eligible to gain admission to the Licence Program or the Diploma Program at the Angelicum.

Students who are already studying at the Angelicum, are also eligible to apply for the Fellowship, under the condition that their academic focus falls within the field of Interreligious Studies

A sufficient knowledge of English is required.

Only applicants who meet the eligibility criteria described above will be considered for the Fellowship.

The application deadline for the 2020-2021 academic year has passed. We plan to announce our next call for applications for the 2021-2022 academic year in November or December 2020.