Ibrahim received full and comprehensive support from the IIE Scholarship for Syrian Students.

Ibrahim, IIE Scholarship for Syrian Students

Ibrahim received an earlier version of this scholarship aimed specifically at Syrian students. With support from IIE SEI and the University of Paderborn, he recently graduated with a Master's degree. Read Ibrahim's story.


Amjad discusses how the IIE PEER Travel Grant helped him cross 10 borders to study in Mexico

Amjad, IIE PEER Travel Grant

For many displaced students, receiving a scholarship is only the first step. Then comes the hard question - how can they cover the costs of visas and air fares? Hear Amjad retell his travels through 10 countries to arrive in Mexico. Watch Amjad's video.


Mariela was able to flee bombings in Aleppo and study at Knox College thanks to the IIE Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis.

Mariela, IIE Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis

Mariela was on the University of Aleppo campus to pick up her degree when bombs started exploding around her. In an audio diary, she tells the story of finding the IIE Consortium, connecting with her current alma matter, and becoming a world-renowned violinist. Listen to Mariela's audio diary.


Angela was studying in Miami when the Venezuelan crisis broke out. The IIE SEI's Emergency Student Fund helped her continue her studies.

Angela, IIE Emergency Student Fund

When the Venezuelan crisis escalated in 2019, Angela was busy studying at Miami Dade College. Quickly she faced economic distress as her financial support felt the weight of violence in her home country. With the help of the Emergency Student Fund, Angela was able to receive stop-gap funding to stay in school and maintain her visa. Read Angela's story.