Preparing a Successful Application

As this is a competitive program, please make sure you address all questions and sections. Please remember to proofread all materials before submission. Bellagio evaluators will not support a rushed, or poorly prepared application, even if they believe the project has great potential.

Please do not submit additional material beyond what is requested; it will not be reviewed. All materials must be provided at the point of submission and meet the application requirements.

The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Residency Program uses the online application system FluidReview to receive all Residency Program Applications.

Please visit The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Residency Program site to find the online application.

The application consists of the following:

  • Applicant Details Form
  • Residency Application Questions
  • Abbreviated C.V.
  • Work Sample (specific requirements will vary per discipline)
  • Project Plan / Outline
  • Published Reviews (optional)
  • Statement from Previous Bellagio Residents (if applying for a second residency)
  • Recommender Questionnaire

Applicant Details Form

Personal details and contact information.

Residency Application Questions

Application questions address an applicant's background, an applicant's project, and the suitability of the project for the Bellagio Center. Your answers in this section will help reviewers evaluate why this residency would be valuable to you in the context of your overall career trajectory, the influence and impact of your body of work, and what you would contribute to the Bellagio program.

Abbreviated CV (no more than 10 pages)

We will not accept professional biographies or narratives in lieu of a CV. Please include the following information

  • Academic degrees (degree-granting institution, field, and date of degree award);
  • Current position (location, dates of employment, professional title, and responsibilities);
  • Previous academic positions (in chronological order, including location, dates of employment, professional title, and responsibilities);
  • An abbreviated list of academic publications (journal articles, books, chapters, exhibitions) including full citations with the name of publication, title of work, date of publication;
  • Other relevant academic work (including supervision of master’s and Ph.D. theses, conference presentations, grants / honors / awards, professional affiliations);
  • Other relevant non-academic work that demonstrates professional achievement.

Project Plan / Project Outline

A project plan or outline, maximum 10 pages (double-spaced).


  • Please include information about any data sources used
  • Please describe your role within the project especially in cases where multiple researchers or authors are involved in the work
  • Describe your project methodology
  • Include information about the intended impact of the work on the field

Published Reviews (optional)

Optional (if applicable). A 'published review' for the purpose of this application refers to a published article or review written by someone else, about your previous work (a book, journal article, performance piece, or gallery show). 

Up to three published reviews, not to exceed twenty (20) pages combined.

Statement from Previous Bellagio Residents (if applying for a second residency)

Former Bellagio residents must also include a statement of up to 500 words describing what was accomplished during the previous residency, the specific outputs and outcomes, the critical response, and what has been accomplished since the residency. Successful second-time applicants must demonstrate significant professional achievement and/or project advancement since their first residency.

For those who have previously applied or had previous residencies, there is a maximum limit of three applications and a maximum limit of two residencies. Previous residents and spouses must wait a minimum of five years in between residencies.