Applications are reviewed by external panelists who are experts in their disciplines. In evaluating applications, the reviewers will consider:

  • How closely the project aligns with or may inform the discourse related to the Foundation's strategic goals of building resilience and advancing inclusive economies
  • The likelihood of the project's impact within its field and/or on global and social issues
  • The quality of the proposed project
  • The potential of the project to add new knowledge to the field
  • The ability of the applicant to articulate the project's purpose
  • The professional qualifications and achievements of the applicant
  • The suitability of the Bellagio Center for the proposed activity, and
  • Personal qualities that are likely to make an applicant a contributing member of an international, interdisciplinary community—curiosity, breadth of interests, ability to honor other viewpoints, and sensitivity to other cultures
  • Since the Center aims to host an international mix of residents, the geography and nationality of those invited may be taken into account

Timeline of the Review Process

  • Once you submit an application, you will receive an automated email confirmation
  • If we find that there is a problem (i.e. uploaded files do not work), we will reach out to you
  • The entire review process takes approximately 4 months
  • Finalists can be contacted for a short phone interview with the Rockefeller Foundation
  • We will contact you again to inform you of the final decisions made
  • Residency dates are confirmed after final decisions are made