The USIPP Consortium is an initiative borne out of the U.S. – Indonesia Partnership Program, a two-year program supported by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The purpose of the initial grant was to utilize institutional partnerships between six U.S. and six Indonesian higher education institutions to increase U.S. study abroad to Indonesia, and to enhance all types of academic collaboration between the two countries.

Despite the grant’s end in September 2012, the twelve participating institutions have committed to continuing their partnership activities, and, through the USIPP Consortium, have identified the following aims:

  • To support the U.S. – Indonesia Higher Education Partnership that Presidents Obama and Yudhoyono announced in 2010.
  • To facilitate the formation of sustainable and mutually beneficial academic partnerships between U.S. and Indonesian institutions.
  • To help increase academic collaboration between the two countries in order to develop future global leaders, engage in cutting-edge research, internationalize faculty, and provide innovative partnership models for the greater higher education community.

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