DFG-Funded Research
Fellows' Research Products

DFG-funded Research

Research products developed under DFG Research and Innovation Grants are published as DRG Center Working Papers. New research will be posted to this page as it becomes available.

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Free and Fair Elections

Human Rights

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Social Movements

Theories of Democratic Change

Fellows' Research Products

Applied Political Economy Analysis (PEA) Field Guide (PDF 1.06 MB), Diana Cammack, Political Economy Analysis Democracy Fellow (2013-2015)

A Compendium of Reference Papers on Legislative Strengthening (PDF 4.44 MB), Tom Bridle, Legislative Strengthening Democracy Fellow (2014-2015)

Baseline Report - La lucha contra la influencia de los intereses ilegales en los procesos políticos del Perú (PDF 530 KB), Aaron Abbarno, Comparative Politics and Democratization Fellow, and Nicole Bonoff, Impact Evaluation Democracy Fellow

Field Guide: Helping Prevent Mass Atrocities (PDF 3.50 MB), Lawrence Woocher, Atrocity Prevention Democracy Fellow (2013-2015)

Human Rights Landscape Analysis Tool (PDF 404.41 KB), Andrew Solomon, Transitional Justice Democracy Fellow (2013-2016)

NEPAL Inclusive Governance Survey: Elaborations and Extensions on the NORC IGP Topline Report (PDF 2.49 MB), Bill Mishler, Survey Specialist Democracy Fellow (2015-2017)

Survivors of Slavery? Knowledge, Awareness and the Experience of Human Trafficking in Guatemala (PDF 3.29 MB), Bill Mishler, Survey Specialist Democracy Fellow (2015-2017)