DFG-Funded Research
Fellows' Research Products

DFG-funded Research

Research products developed under DFG Research and Innovation Grants are published as DRG Center Working Papers. New research will be posted to this page as it becomes available.

Aid and Governance

Free and Fair Elections

Human Rights

Learning Agenda Literature Reviews

Social Movements

Theories of Democratic Change

Fellows' Research Products

Applied Political Economy Analysis (PEA) Field Guide (PDF 1.06 MB)

A Compendium of Reference Papers on Legislative Strengthening (PDF 4.44 MB)

Field Guide: Helping Prevent Mass Atrocities (PDF 3.50 MB)

Survivors of Slavery? Knowledge, Awareness and the Experience of Human Trafficking in Guatemala (PDF 3.29 MB)

NEPAL Inclusive Governance Survey: Elaborations and Extensions on the NORC IGP Topline Report (PDF 2.49 MB)