Implementing Partners

Institute of International Education (IIE), Lead Implementing Partner

Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI), which delivers education to Indonesian youth, including in East Java, focusing on entrepreneurship, finance literacy, and readiness-to-work

Yayasan Mien R. Uno (MRUF), which has a network of over 50 alumni from its young entrepreneurship program in West Java and Central Java

Kelompok Perempuan dan Sumber Sumber Kehidupan (KPS2K),which has extensive background and experience in gender-based programs and is an affiliate of Institut Kapal Perempuan Indonesia, a community of gender-focused organizations in Indonesia

Past Partners:

Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF), which has extensive experience in training as well as outreach for scholarship across Indonesia provided outreach and communication expertise for JAPRI Pilot Phase and conducted campaigns in targeted locations.