The Lincoln Scholarship Program will achieve USAID’s goal of improving the technical competencies and enhancing the leadership potential of the next generation of leaders to guide Myanmar along a path of inclusive socio-economic development. Sixty percent of the population of Myanmar is under the age of 35. To date, few have had access to graduate education opportunities. The Lincoln Scholarship Program will help to close this gap and provide opportunities for scholars to study for Master's degrees in the U.S.

Project Duration

  • August 2019 – August 2024

Type of Training

  • Master’s degrees at U.S. universities


  • Help develop a more stable, pluralistic and prosperous Myanmar by equipping young       professionals and academics with technical and leadership skills.
  • Help scholars achieve Master’s level learning in diverse fields of study.
  • Provide comprehensive conflict resolution and leadership training to scholars.

Scholarship Award Benefits

  • Pre-academic training in Yangon
  • IIE will work with Lincoln Scholars to apply for university admission
  • Airfare to and from the U.S.
  • Fully covered tuition
  • A monthly stipend and other academic-related financial allowances
  • Support system while studying in the U.S.
  • Alumni support activities and alumni grants

Pre-Academic Training

Through pre-academic training, Lincoln Scholars will refine their English skills, standardized test taking skills, increase their understanding of the U.S. education system, and be prepared for life in the U.S. The scholars will also have peer mentors and professional mentors who will share their personal experiences and answer any questions scholars may have. Scholars are expected to participate  in both periods of pre-academic training as outlined below. 


Period-1: Standardized Tests Preparation

The first part of pre-academic training will be delivered online with the understanding that scholars will keep their professional jobs while preparing for the TOEFL-iBT and GRE.

Period-2: Graduate Studies Preparation

The second part of pre-academic training will be full time, in-person, and scholars are expected to be in Yangon to participate.  This period of pre-academic training includes information about the U.S. higher education system, visa application procedures, and pre-departure orientation. 

Fields of Study

Individuals who are interested in fields of study that are critical to Myanmar’s development are encouraged to apply for the Lincoln Scholarship Program. Fields of study include:

  • Agriculture: Agricultural Economics, Food Science and Management, Resource               Economics, Agriculture Education, Fisheries Management
  • Business & Economics: Economics, Business Administration (MBA), Business                  Analytics, International Economics, Finance, Banking and Investment 
  • Communications: Journalism, Media Studies, Public Relations
  • Education: Education Management, Education Administration and Leadership, Higher     Education Administration, Curriculum Development, Counseling, Teaching
  • Engineering: Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Biomedical, Environment, Cyber       Security
  • Government, Administration, and Management: Public Administration, Public               Policy, Urban Planning, Public Finance, International Relations, Political Science,               Asia/Southeast Asia Studies
  • Health: Health Economics, Health Finance, Health Care Administration, Public Health,     Health and Medical Informatics, International Health and Development
  • Law (LLM): Business Law, Human Rights, Comparative Law
  • Natural Resources: Natural Resource Management, Environmental Science, Forestry
  • Technology: Programming, Software Development, Data Science, E-Governance,           Information Technology, Forensic Technology, Cyber Security

For more information about the Lincoln Scholarship Program, please contact: