1. Does Lincoln Scholarship Program include bachelor’s degree or Ph.D. degree?

A. Lincoln Scholarship program is for master’s degrees only.

2. Can I apply as soon as I get my bachelor’s degree?

A. Yes, if you meet all the other eligibility criteria.

3. Can people with disabilities apply if they meet all the criteria?

A. Yes, Lincoln scholarship program strongly encourages disabilities to apply Lincoln Scholarships will make the necessary accommodations for people with disabilities who are selected for the program to participate in all program activities both in Burma and the U.S.

4. Can a married person apply for the program?

A. Yes, if that person meets all the criteria.

5. Am I eligible to apply for Lincoln Scholarship Program if I received my Bachelor’s degree from a foreign country?

A. If your bachelor’s degree is from U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, EU Countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea or Japan, you are not eligible.

6. Can I apply if I already have a master’s degree?

A. If your master’s degree is from Myanmar, you can apply.  If you have earned a master’s degree from any other countries other Myanmar, you are not eligible.

7. Is it necessary to have relevant work experience and subject to study?

A. Yes.

8. What are the acceptable types of work experiences?

A. Full-time employment

9. Can I use my recommendation letter from the past for the Lincoln Scholarship Program?

A. No, because the recommendation letter must include the information given in the instruction guideline and it’s your responsibility to obtain a recommendation letter and contact information of a referee who can speak on your behalf of your abilities and perseverance.

10. Who do I ask for my recommendation letters?

A. Recommendation letters must be from people who can comment on your general suitability to receive a Lincoln Scholarship. They should know you either in an academic or professional capacity and they CANNOT be relatives or friends.

11. What do you mean by official academic records?

A. Official academic records are a degree certificate and transcript with records of all the years attended.

12. What if my city/village/region does not have a notary service and I cannot submit official English translated academic records?

A. Please submit the Myanmar version and if you move on to the interview stage, then you must submit complete official English Translated academic records from an authorized translation bureau.

13. Can the recommendation letter be in Burmese?

A. Recommendation letters are preferred to be written in English. However, if your recommender can write you a better recommendation letter in Burmese, we will accept it in Burmese.  If you were selected for an in-person interview, your recommendation letters must be translated into English before your interview date.

14. Can I attend the pre-academic training even if I was not selected for the scholarship?

A. No, the pre-academic training is part of the scholarship award. If you are not selected, you cannot participate in the training.

15. What will happen if I do not complete my Master’s degree program or if I breach my contract?

A. Lincoln Scholarships and USAID will consider each instance of a scholar’s inability to complete the program on a case-by-case basis. Scholars chosen for Lincoln Scholarships will sign a Conditions of Sponsorship document with USAID. If a scholar is unable to complete their program due to their own lack of effort or breaches the terms of their Conditions of Sponsorship, then USAID has the right to issue them a bill of collection for all expenses paid on their behalf. If a scholar is not able to complete this program, he/she will have to reimburse the Lincoln Scholarship Program for the exact and complete cost of the expenses. *Medical or family emergencies that prevent program completion will not be considered scholar negligence.

16. What is the minimum GPA the scholars must maintain to retain the Lincoln Scholarship Award?

A. The master’s programs in the United States require that students maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA each term.  You are expected to maintain the minimum GPA required by your program.  If your GPA falls below a 3.0, you will be on academic probation.  Lincoln Scholarships has support systems in place to help scholars who are struggling academically.

17. Am I eligible to participate if I do not speak English fluently?

A: While fluency is not required, all aspects of the program are conducted in English, and thus participants are required to have advanced level English.

18. Is there an application fee?

A: There is no application fee.  However, if applicants are selected to take online English Diagnostic Test after the first screening, they will have to pay 15,000 MMK to take the online diagnostic test.

19. Are there costs that are not covered?

A: Participants’ meals outside of the session (while traveling, before or after the session, etc.) and any personal travel before, during, or after the program are not covered.

20. What commitments are expected of alumni?

A: Alumni are expected to remain involved in the program, including recruiting and mentoring new participants, sharing leadership experiences with new scholars, and participating in follow-up interviews and surveys to measure program outcomes. Alumni will also be encouraged to stay connected with each other and provide valued support to the projects and initiatives pursued after their time in the program concludes.

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