The Institute of International Education (IIE) created the Heiskell awards in 2001 to promote and honor the most outstanding initiatives that are being conducted in international higher education by IIENetwork member universities and colleges. By recognizing excellence and innovation, the Institute hopes to support IIENetwork members in their endeavors and to signal a new and important role for international education on campus.

IIE's Heiskell Awards showcase the most innovative and successful models for internationalization of campuses, study abroad, and international partnership programs in practice today. We are particularly interested in highlighting initiatives that remove institutional barriers and broaden the base of participation in international teaching and learning on campus. 

The goals of IIE's Heiskell Awards are: 

  • To foster innovative ideas that will help international education professionals create and sustain new opportunities for students and faculty
  • To bring international education to the forefront of education policy
  • To stimulate public awareness of the benefits of study abroad and international educational exchange

The 2019 IIE Andrew Heiskell Award Winners

CATEGORY: Scholars as Drivers of Innovation

Recognizing the critical role that scholars and faculty play in advancing curriculum development, fostering international opportunities, integrating industry, and driving internationalization of the campus. 

Winner: Agnes Scott College: Summit - Global Learning Across the Curriculum

Honorable Mention: Ferris State University: Beyond Initiative 


CATEGORY: Student Mobility

Given in recognition of innovative programs and services that strengthen student mobility in both directions and strategically increase participation while preparing students to enter the global workforce.

Winner: Lehigh University: Iacocca International Internship Program

Honorable Mention: De Montfort University – Leicester, England: DMUglobal 

CATEGORY: International Partnerships

Given in recognition of comprehensive and innovative international partnership efforts that demonstrate strong, sustainable linkages among higher education institutions or other counterparts such as government, local community, and NGOs.  

Winner: Broward College: International Partnership Centers: The Third Way 

CATEGORY: Access and Equity

Given in recognition of innovative programs and services to make study abroad and international programming accessible and equitable for a broader student population, with a special emphasis on specific efforts that led to a strong increase in study abroad participation.

Winner: University of South Florida – Tampa: USF Education Abroad Inclusion Initiative

CATEGORY: Higher Education in Emergencies

Given in recognition of successful approaches and strategies for supporting students and scholars who have been displaced from their home country due to violence, political persecution, or other emergent circumstances.

Winner: University of Evansville - Scholars for Syria: Transforming Lives and Building Community