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Higher Education Institution (HEI): Entities that offer professional and academic training at the post-secondary level (Higher Education Law 39-01 Article 22).

Public HEI: A HEI receiving its main source of funding from the Dominican Republic government (informal definition).

Private HEI: A HEI that does not receive funding from the Dominican Republic government (informal definition).

Inbound/International Student: Individuals who cross the border for the purpose of studying in the Dominican Republic and do not change their residency status from their original point of origin.

Foreign Student: The Dominican Republic does not differentiate between international and foreign students. Outbound Student: Dominican citizens who have accepted a MESCyT scholarship program to study abroad. Note that this is a limited definition reflecting the reported data supplemented from the MESCyT 2014 report under the international scholarship program and does not include other out-bound mobility.