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Higher Education Sector Inbound Mobility | Outbound Mobility


Higher Education Students Total Percent of Total
Domestic higher education students 77,397 60.3%
International higher education students 50,882 39.7%
All higher education students (both domestic and international) 128,279
Total Number of Higher Education Institutions Total*
Public higher education institutions 4
Private higher education institutions 68
All higher education institutions 72
Total Enrollment by Higher Education Institution Type Total Domestic Students International Students
Public higher education institutions enrollments 45,385 91.9% 8.1%
Private higher education institutions enrollments 82,894 43.1% 56.9%

*Reported higher education institutions include:

  • 2 national universities
  • 2 national colleges
  • 25 private universities
  • 33 private colleges
  • 10 private institutes

Source: Center for Higher Education Data and Statistics (CHEDS), UAE MOHESR


Total count of all higher education students, both domestic and international: 109,942

Source: Center for Higher Education Data and Statistics (CHEDS)