Partners and Partnership

With over 30 international partners, Project Atlas is a unique and growing network of leading academic mobility research and government institutes worldwide. Our country partners typically include agencies that are able to share their country’s data on student mobility, while also being engaged in broader issues of internationalization. Our research affiliates include centers and organizations that play a key role in internationalization issues pertaining to their country (while not necessarily sharing data), as well as those that have a multi-region or global outlook on student mobility.

Interested in Project Atlas partnership? 

Applications are welcome from academic mobility research and government institutes, particularly from countries that are not yet represented in the network. Partners have the opportunity to participate in the Project Atlas network; share data and learn firsthand from other country partners regarding their mobility data; engage in research focused events; and contribute to special reports on critical and emerging issues in international academic mobility. Project Atlas applications are reviewed monthly. Partners receive complementary membership to the IIENetwork –  one of the world's largest global professional associations for international education policy makers, administrators, and researchers with 1,300 institutional members and 7,000 individual members around the world.

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