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Millions of tertiary education students are enrolled outside of their home countries. At the same time, there is a growing move towards internationalization at home as well as the movement of programs and courses across borders. As the demand for an international education continues to rise, planning for the internationalization of higher education and accurately tracking and understanding student movements is an imperative of governments, higher education sectors, and international organizations that aim to promote global education. Yet many stakeholders have limited or conflicting higher education data on which to set realistic growth targets or make policy decisions.


With nearly a century of experience in international education, IIE has pioneered the collection and analysis of student mobility data and led research on international higher education in the U.S. and other countries. Project Atlas brings insights from tertiary sectors worldwide to strengthen data collection systems and develop effective responses to global shifts and uncertainties in higher education. Drawing upon IIE’s unparalleled expertise and Project Atlas’ global network, we provide research and consulting services that address critical challenges in higher education data collection and analysis.


Project Atlas’ services include two main lines of work:

  1. Custom research on student and faculty mobility and the internationalization of higher education. We have conducted research in over ten countries around the world.
  2. Capacity strengthening workshops for government agencies and higher education stakeholders to collect accurate and robust academic mobility data. Delivered globally at the institutional- and national-levels, our workshops focus on:
  • Understanding the overall international higher education landscape and situating the role of student mobility within it
  • Understanding mobility data (definitions, sources, and types) and global trends
  • Harmonizing definitions and indicators of student mobility
  • Standardizing and streamlining institutional- or national-level data collection
  • Interpreting quantitative mobility data and research for policy-making and advocacy 

Our past workshops have been conducted in Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, and in Australia (for all 21 APEC economies).

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