Call for Proposals Open: August 22, 2018
Submission Deadline: Closed

IIE welcomes submissions from IIE Network Members, Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partners, as well as other individuals and groups to submit innovative proposals that address the key themes through the lens of The Future of International Education. We welcome submissions in the three primary areas identified below, and also encourage submissions that situate the two crosscutting themes—higher education in emergencies and best practices in international partnerships—within the three overarching themes. Submissions may overlap themes, but one main theme will need to be identified.


Theme 1: Student Mobility. How do we create innovative programs and services that strengthen student mobility in both directions that strategically increases participation while preparing students to enter the global workforce?


Theme 2: Access and Equity. How can we develop innovative programs and services that make study abroad and international programming accessible and equitable for a broader student population? This includes a special emphasis on specific efforts that lead to a strong increase in study abroad participation.


Theme 3: Scholars as Drivers of Innovation. What is the role that scholars and faculty play in in advancing curriculum development, fostering international opportunities, integrating industry, and driving internationalization of the campus?


In addition are two crosscutting themes: the critical issue of higher education in emergencies and the sorts of successful approaches and strategies exist for supporting students and scholars who have been displaced from their home country due to violence, political persecution, or other emergent circumstances; and best practices in international partnerships that focus on how we can create a future where comprehensive and innovative international partnership efforts are at the core of how higher education institutions, government, industry, and the non-profit sector work together.


IIE encourages proposals that reflect the spirit of innovation and in particular: 

  • contain new ideas and approaches to each theme
  • include cross-sector perspectives and presenters
  • stimulate and provoke discussion 
  • encourage interaction and audience engagement
  • use multimedia to enhance attendee learning
  • present solutions and future actions

The IIE Summit will result in the sharing of ideas, research and practices across sectors that encourage thinking differently about international education. Participants will walk away with a strong network of partners and with strategies and action plans further their internationalization goals, making an impact on the future of international education around the world.


IIE welcomes proposals for one of the following interactive formats:

  • Individual Submission - Single participant submissions are welcome and sessions will be created based on theme and content. 
  • Full Panel - Full panels should consist of no more than 3 panelists (including chair/moderator) and MUST include an interactive component to support attendee participation and learning. Preference will be given to proposals including diverse perspectives. 

Submission Process

To submit a proposal to present, please fill out the online submission form. The IIE Summit team will curate sessions to address the Summit themes and may work directly with those who have submitted to build collaborative panels or other presentation formats.



  • Proposal Submission Deadline: September 28, 2018
  • Review of Submissions: October 2018
  • Notification to Presenters: Late October – Early November 2018

Please contact with questions.